″ Did most of the national team players train at Sporting?  We realized we were more “

″ Did most of the national team players train at Sporting? We realized we were more “

Adrien Silva emphasizes Sporting’s example in the formation and advantages of selection.

Former Sporting footballer Adrien Silva on Tuesday highlighted the example the club is showing in training and the advantages it brings to the Portuguese national team, the 2016 European champions, along with several athletes who have trained at the Alcochet Academy.

Invited to the 20th anniversary of the infrastructure, which includes all football lions, the current player of Al Wahda (UAE) recalled Aurelius ’campaign in France’2016 and was proud to represent the great Leon team. in the group.

“We didn’t feel it was more important than our colleagues, but yes, we realized that we were more important than other clubs and with great pride. It’s also one of the reasons why these clubs continue to bet and invest in training. it is a sign that it is beneficial for our team, ”the Portuguese footballer stressed.

Adrienne, who was one of the team’s first players to come to the Academy at the age of 13, on the other hand, did not hide his “will” to return to the club and recalled that his history at Sporting would never end. “.

“I have always been associated with Sporting. No one takes it from me. I always come back with pride. [a Alcochete] or to the Stadium [José Alvalade]. I always enjoy it, maybe the other way around, but I enjoy it all. “

In addition to Adrienne, Sporting invited a number of other former players who had trained at the club and sent messages from several others on a huge screen built for this purpose on the outdoor stadium, including footballers who had terminated their contracts after the attack on the Academy. did. in May 2018.

Among others, Carlos Saleiro, Andre Santos and Lorenzo were present, who also emphasized the role of lions infrastructure in the humane training of athletes, not just sports.

“The academy has always trained players and men. Sport has always created educational values. First, the school. There were players who behaved badly in school and didn’t train when they got here. Of course, it gives a good thing. 13- old more responsibility, ”recalled Andre Santos.

For his part, Lorenzo recalled his experience with Cristiano Ronaldo, now known as the Club Academy, from the time when they both lived in the old stadium. [José Alvalade]under a new chair ”, also praised the technician who discovered them.

“The academy is named after Cristiano [Ronaldo] and, as the saying goes, it is in life that we must remember people. The name of the Academy refers not only to him, but also to the name of Estadio Aurelio Pereira, two people who will be registered as Sporting for the rest of their lives, ”said the former Lions striker.

The Sports Academy opened on June 21, 2002 and houses the main teams of professional football and youth Sporting, as well as the women’s football team.

The educational structure of the club Alvalada since its inception has already celebrated 23 titles of national champions at the youth level, ie seven to 19, seven to 17 and 9 to 15.

According to information released by the Alvalade club, a total of 65 players who have passed through the Alcochet facility have already played their first game in the Lions ’starting lineup.


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