[써보니] Small and light backup storage!Seagate Fast One-Click Data Recovery External Hard Drive

[써보니] Small and light backup storage!Seagate Fast One-Click Data Recovery External Hard Drive

This is awesome. This data man is always backed up, but has nothing to restore, but at the moment he forgets, he slaps the user in the face. If you study or work in any position for a long period of time, the amount of data you need to keep increases, and these users tend to live in at least one memory with irreversible consequences due to a moment of inattention.

In my case, when buying external hard drives in the past, he opted to remove bundles that he deemed unnecessary and take advantage of the small capacity. However, I’ve recently begun to wonder if there’s a way to use my remaining external hard drive more efficiently, and eventually I’ve started wondering if I should pay extra for dedicated backup software.

#Portable backup device anytime, anywhere

In large offices, enterprise-wide network isolation, data backup, and cloud-like security are all well-prepared, but in small offices, it’s more common to take help from a NAS. The problem is always with personal backups, and unless you’re a creator of a lot of data, setting up a NAS for backups is also a burden. In this case, the only options you can choose are an external hard drive or an external hard drive.

The problem is that backing up with an external hard drive isn’t as fun as expected. Even when transferring small data, USB external hard drives don’t provide the expected speed, and when using hubs or expansion ports, recognition often stops during backups. If you’re transferring a lot of small files, after about 50% progress, there may be a sudden drop in speed for no apparent reason. If this continues for a long time, the data transfer may stop at some point. With these trivial experiences, even if you know the importance of taking a step back, you may procrastinate the next day.

[써보니] Small and light backup storage!Seagate Fast One-Click Data Recovery External Hard Drive

The solution to all these inconveniences at the lowest cost is to use an external SSD. The only downside is that the upfront cost is slightly higher than an external hard drive, but compared to a NAS setup, it’s clearly much cheaper economically. If you don’t have a lot of data to back up, this device is worth using.

Seagate Fast One Touch is small and light. From 500GB to 2TB, it offers plenty of storage space for its small size. The updated version supports the USB Type-C interface, and the connection convenience is greatly improved. Finishing the sides with a fabric material is also refreshing and feels great in the hand. Of course, thanks to the SSD, the speeds are excellent. With Seagate’s Auto Backup software running, backing up couldn’t be easier.

# For backups, speed is a virtue, and there is room

Compared with the sales of hard disks in the enterprise market, the sales of SSDs in the PC market are increasing day by day. HDDs are inexpensive, storage-rich weapons, while SSDs are small, lightweight, and unmatched in speed.

Different users will judge differently, but unless capacity is an absolute criterion for choosing a spare or flash drive, size, weight, and high speed provide convenience and convenience beyond the capacity of a hard drive. The reason why solid-state drives (SSDs) are gaining traction even for external storage has to do with this feature.

The front fascia with the hairline is also luxurious. However, this is the familiar method that most consumers try over and over again. It’s a great way to paint in different colors, but it’s not easy to create a luxurious feel with the bright colors of this fabric. Shouldn’t it be said that black or dark grey suit you better?

How would you feel if the sides were treated with plastic and the front was treated with fabric? Here, it looks like a great answer if you get it right with traditional Korean knots or patterns like windows and doors. Considering that the world has been craving Korean content and icons lately, I thought it would be a good attempt to plan such a product in a “Korean” package.

Tired of the Seagate USB standard just changing the name and not optimizing it? Only USB-C and USB 3.0 are indicated in the compatibility standard. The problem is the performance of the Seagate Fast One Touch. The maximum transfer rate of this product is 1030 MB/s. It’s twice as fast as any SATA SSD. So, to get the most out of this huge external SSD, you’ll need to double-check that the system you’re connecting to supports a higher version of USB.

Unlike hard drives, SSDs achieve the performance specified in the specification as-is. Therefore, to use Fast One Touch without performance degradation, the environment must be at least USB 3.1 Gen2 (USB 3.2 Gen 1×2, USB 3.2 Gen 2×1). Luckily, don’t blame Seagate if it runs at 500MB/s even when plugged into a port designated as USB 3.1 or USB 3.2, which is a problem caused by too many USB renames.

However, Type A and Type C cables are available. It can be easily used by connecting to any system. It may not be able to deliver all its raw performance, but even with USB 3.0 you can get the most out of a SATA SSD, so setting up a fast-looking external SSD seems like a good option.

#Full score 100 points, very smart!

Since there is more to manage, it is advisable to shrink each management point and make it as efficient as possible. Backups are a prime example, manually selecting the necessary files and backing them up occasionally is probably the most cumbersome and dangerous method.

Seagate Toolkit supports real-time synchronization or user-scheduled backups at specific times. Due to the very fast performance of the drive, if you use the real-time sync feature to set up a folder that needs to be backed up, it will automatically sync with a quick one-click.

Once connected, Simple Toolkit setup is so easy, you can forget about the drive later. Two-way synchronization, natural copying of files in real-time, Fast One Touch works intelligently when a specific file is deleted from the PC, storing the file separately in one file, keeping in mind the possibility of future reuse of the file. Synced files on the PC are also displayed separately icon for easy viewing.

It is also great for use as external storage for data transfer. Because it operates with low power consumption, it can be directly connected to PCs, laptops and even Android smart devices. Once plugged in, it’s fast enough to hit all maximum speeds, depending on the USB version, so you can take advantage of convenient speeds not unlike your PC’s OS drive and your smartphone’s built-in storage.

While many consumers have come to realize, Seagate’s unique rescue service creates unparalleled territory that competitors cannot.

Looking at the rescue service process, “is there anything else after this service is provided?” I feel like when you perform a data recovery, the used drive is immediately replaced with a new one. Measures to reduce user inconvenience and provide continuity of use. Damaged drives are sent to a separate recovery center for data recovery, and the recovered data is again delivered to a separate volume. Even after data recovery is complete, you won’t need to remake the drive, you’ll end up with another storage device, be it an external hard drive or a USB. It can be a very active and unconventional service.

This is not the end. When you purchase Fast One Touch, you naturally get a 4-month subscription from Adobe. It supports Adobe’s five essentials, which is also very attractive for users who need to process images professionally.

# Certified and globally certified external storage!

Who doesn’t have one or two external storage devices that use USB? However, some products have small capacity, some products are slow, and some products are difficult to use due to various defects caused by power outages. If you feel that external storage is generally not easy to get enough capacity, speed and ease of use, then the Fast One Touch is definitely a product that can solve all these shortcomings in one go.

It’s a bit pricey compared to other external storage, but now that SSDs themselves have come down to a reasonable enough level, isn’t it worth considering? It’s all attractive given the massive 2TB capacity, rescue services that can attempt to recover data in an emergency, and Adobe membership.

From simple backup of important files on your computer, to real-time backup of data generated by various professional devices used by creators, you can use Android devices to expand convenient storage space. If you’re not limited by a ton of storage space you’ll never use, you can enjoy the most satisfying tools Fast One Touch has to offer.

Author: Kwok Hwan Oh, Editor-in-Chief PRESS@weeklypost.kr

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