A BOLA – Roller Hockey: FC Porto-Benfica LIVE (20:00) (TV BOLA)

A BOLA – Roller Hockey: FC Porto-Benfica LIVE (20:00) (TV BOLA)

This Wednesday, June 22nd, you can see for yourself TUBI TV (Meo channel 13, Vodafone 31 and NOWO 64) …

TUBI TV On Wednesday (20:00) the powerful match of FC Porto-Benfica, the 3rd match of the final playoffs of the national hockey championship will take place. The teams are currently tied for the title (1-1) and one thing is clear: there will be at least a 4th match to be played on Saturday, 25, at 15:00 at the Pavilion da Luz. . If the decision goes to the fifth and final match, the black game will be played again on the 29th, next Wednesday (20:00) at Dragao Arena, as FC Porto won the regular round of the championship. all to see BEREKT in you TUBI TV.

Fernando Guerra. Jose Manuel Capristano and Jorge Castello in the NIGHT BALL (22:15)

One more NIGHT BALL to update all the sports information of the day and pay attention to the latest news from the attractive transfer market. Presented by journalist Jorge Pessoa e Silva, NIGHT BALL this Wednesday have been carefully commented by Fernando Guerra, Jose Manuel Capristano and Jorge Castello.

Danilo and Jose Caetano at BOLA DAS SETE (19:00)

Danilo, a former Maritime actor and commentator on Goias TV in Brazil, and Jose Caetano, a journalist, are guests of Jose Rafael Lopez. SEVENTH BALL It also makes room for surfing. Carolina Santos took part in the start of the 4th round of the SURF MEO League, Ribeira Grande Pro, which will be held in the Azores between Friday and Sunday.

Andre Pipa in INTERNATIONAL PRESS (17:00)…

JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL PRESS today by journalist Andre Pipa assures. The presentation was signed by journalist Jose Rafael Lopez.

… And Andre Pipa and Luis Mateus in MARKET TOTAL (18:45)

Andre Pipa and Luis Mateus bring news from the world of transfers to the table GENERAL MARKET. Jose Rafael Lopez presents the program, which begins at 6:45 p.m.

BLACK POWER – 4 p.m.-3 p.m.

The power of black shows you the contribution of black athletes to sports at a time when the world is more vigilant about racial issues. Powerful stories of modern heroes like Lewis Hamilton or Serena Williams, but also about pioneers like Jesse Owen or amazing events marked by recent movements like Black Lives Matter that had a great impact on sports and society.

WTCR starts at 17:45

WTCR is the World Cup of Touring Cars. The 2019 season was after the 2018 World Tour (WTCC). It’s called the World Cup, not the World Cup just because the producers can’t participate in the race directly. Each team can have only two cars and brands are limited to providing four cars (in practice this means that there are two private teams in one car brand).

GRID accompanies the automotive universe (18:15)

From Formula 1 to NASCAR, through World Rally and Tolerance World, this series follows all the action and behind the scenes of the world’s stars. Unprecedented access to the greatest teams and personalities in motorsport, GRILL It is an irreplaceable combination of four-wheel drive and a unique and privileged view of the best racers on the planet.


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