A Web 3.0 platform designed to build and implement brand strategies on Metaverse

A Web 3.0 platform designed to build and implement brand strategies on Metaverse

XP&D, Zoo Media & Noesis.tech launched today xp & dland, a next generation platform for the brand in Metaverse. xp & dland will enable web3.0 strategies for brands and see real or web 2.0 worldwide evangelistic communities and companies pivot in metaverse for exhibitions, events and activations of their products.

The xp & dland platform is focused on creating a customer experience for O2O2M (offline ⇋ online টা metavers) brands. The platform is using technology (NOCIS.Tech) as a general enabler, creating community strategies (zoo media) and enabling sharing and social experiences for customers (XP&D).

Commenting on the launch of this platform, Sukrut Singh, co-founder of xp & dland saidMetavers is said to be the next big technology platform and is expected to reach বাজারে 800 billion market by 2024. It is expected to see the collision of three worlds – Web 2.0 (or mobile and social internet as we see it today), Web 3.0 (powered by 5G, advanced computing, and blockchain), and live social and shared experiences. With xp & dland, we want to take advantage of this opportunity, combining the best in each of these domains and giving brands the best chance to succeed in the Web3.0 world. “

Xp & dland’s primary focus is to build the experience of brands on Metaverse and connect consumers with them.. xp & dland Made on Spatial.io gives brands the opportunity to experience Metavers directly. The goal is to create a similar experience for brands and bring the real world (events and activation) and web 2.0 world communities to Metaverse.

Explaining past experience with brands testing Metaverse Space, Pratik Gupta, co-founder, xp & dland, said:Although these are very early days of metavers, we already have evidence of the concept. Our sports-centric vertical, TCM platform has enabled more than 70,000 people to access Metaverse and interact with the Gujarat Titans during their logo launch. Our vision of embracing hired communities and building long-term Web 3.0 strategies has paid off, and we’ve now launched the special Titans Locker Room where players like Shubhaman Gill and Rashid Khan meet live and greet fans, we have a history of franchises and their success. Construction on has continued. We are all confident of being a Web 3.0 platform for brands because of the diverse skill set we bring to the table. “

The platform has built a team of more than 100 people, focused on delivering Metaverse community strategies and brand results. The team includes animators, artists, developers, web 3.0 planners and community managers across Discord, Twitch and Reddit.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Siddharth Bansali, co-founder of XP&Dland We are discussing with all major platforms and marketplaces to collaborate xp & dland will be platform-agnostic and will enable customers and brands to play, socialize and transact in Metavers World. Version 1.0 of xp & dland is built on Spatial.io. Currently, there are no barriers to the xp & dland experience. It will be accessible on all devices including mobile, tablet / device and wearable. We hope to change the landscape for brand marketing in the near future. ”

Metaverse has its headquarters and physical offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Dubai and New York. xp & dland plans to own and create space for other Metavers platforms, including DescentRaland, Sandbox, Roblox, Horizons, Mesh, and Alt VR.


About XP and Deland

xp & dland is the first Web3.0 / Metaverse Experiential and community management platform, created by the founders of XP&D, Zoo Media and Noesis.Tech. Founded in 2021, xp & dland enables consumers and brands to play, socialize and transact through the unique experience created on Metavers; Which can be found across mobile devices, desktops and headsets. xp & dland has worked with other leading brands like Gujarat Titans and Indian Express. xp & dland is headquartered in Metaverse and has physical offices across Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Dubai and New York. Read more about xp & dland at xpand-land.com

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