After a meeting with Secretary of State Frederico Varandas: “Certain organized groups are nothing but criminal groups” – Sporting

After a meeting with Secretary of State Frederico Varandas: “Certain organized groups are nothing but criminal groups” – Sporting

During a business meeting with Secretary of State for Youth and Sports (SEJD) João Paulo Correia on Wednesday, Frederico Varandas expressed concern about Sporting’s cheerliding problem. In a speech at the Carregal do Sal Center on May 29, the Lions president had already lifted the curtain when questioning clubs that “allow illegal funding” of the problem, which feeds “organized crime.” The “barbaric murder” of an FC Porto fan at a headline party near Estádio do Dragão. “It was a very productive meeting. The Secretary of State is a man of knowledge, on the pitch and a manager of a club, and therefore very knowledgeable of Portuguese sports,” said Frederico Varandas. media Sports officials. “We touched on the key issues for sport and were excited because we saw that Mr. SEJD is very committed and has concrete ideas that he wants to implement, namely against violence and corruption in sport. These issues are of great concern to us. Unfortunately, it is not just physical violence. “but also the illegal financing of certain organized groups that are nothing more than criminal groups. These groups are often responsible for this violence and the air conditioning of sports agents, and we want to protect the sport. And eradicate these groups,” he added.


The Secretary of State for Sports met with Sporting

João Paulo Correia Alvalade, who was recently criticized by Sporting and Frederico Varandas for considering Pinto da Costa a “reference” to Portuguese sport, shares his concerns.

“It was a very positive and productive meeting and I thank Sporting for this meeting. It was important for us to talk about issues of common interest between the government and a club of Sporting’s greatness and size. Each of the topics and we look forward to Sporting and its president to achieve these goals, which are the goals of Portuguese sport. ” “We have left here stronger. The reforms we intend to carry out can only be achieved with the involvement of key institutions, and of course Sporting is one of the key reforms in the country and a big club in various sizes. It is important that the government follows this path,” Sporting said. concluded with a link to the site.

Along with Frederico Varandas and João Paulo Correia, Sporting vice-president Francisco Salgado Zenha and SAD administrator André Bernardo, as well as SEJD chief of staff Jose Antonio Borges and consultant Miguel. Marujo.

The meeting on the current state of Portuguese sports lasted more than two hours, and the main ideas and proposals of Sporting were presented. Topics on the table included violence in sports, manipulation of sports results, insurance and accidents for athletes, centralization of television rights, the legal regime of the SAD, or the promotion of dual careers for athletes. “Sporting is a Portuguese club with the highest-performing athletes going to school,” the green and white emblem claimed in a report on the meeting in Alvalade.

“We were very optimistic about this meeting and I was 100% sure that Mr. SEJD and Sporting would unite in the fight for a more transparent and healthier sport,” said Frederico Varandas.


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