Analysis: Mr. Prepper (Switch) | Arcade

Analysis: Mr. Prepper (Switch) | Arcade

developer: final game, rejected game
platform: Nintendo Switch
release date: June 3, 2022

Luckily, we live in an era with games for all tastes, many of which, while having the same style, always bring something new or different.The situation is this gentlemen.preparera survival game like many others, but it offers a clicker component that separates most players – either they love it or they hate it.

gentlemen. Prepper isn’t an unknown game for gamers, as the game has been released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles.It’s time for the players Nintendo switch It is also possible to play with it, and it has a very useful function, that is, it is possible to use touch screen The console screen interacts with the game.

Mr. Prepper’s conspiracy is interesting. The name of the game is the name of our character, Mr. Prepper is a man who tried to escape his city, but the local authorities wouldn’t let him, so he was left with a kind of identity and period of stay. Now, the authorities visit your house every day to check that everything is in order. The reason for this escape attempt is the nuclear threat and the lack of liberties of citizens because the government controls everything.

Be Mr. Prepare a man who never give up, our goal is to make a survival plan and escape from that place so that the authorities won’t find us and even imagine what we are doing because we will do everything to look good in that place Happy city hell without freedom.

The game starts with a tutorial that explains how we do almost everything, to give you an idea, we first create a bunker under our house, for this we need some materials. This shows us how to buy items with money, it explains how to collect materials outside the house (like wood we can go to the forest), and even how we use items to dismantle them and create new things – like using a cup to get glass to The same is the case with the manufacture of light bulbs. Rest assured, since everything I’ve described happened in the tutorial, I’m not spoiling any surprises.

Since it’s easy to verify, the game was originally created for PC, and if you follow the tutorial exactly, it will teach you how to do everything with buttons, emulators, and directional pads. Fortunately, on the Nintendo Switch, it’s much easier to use the touchscreen, and there’s almost no need to use the analog sticks to move the game’s camera. Because it’s a clicker game, move the way Mr. Prepper is loading where we want him to go, I think they can put Mr. ready to use the analog stick, kind of like Mine because we see the game the same way, which is to say, it’s essentially a A side-scrolling game where we walk from side to side to complete missions.

Since it is a survival game, in addition to the necessary items such as construction and material collection, it is also necessary to pay attention to food and fatigue. In this regard sir. Prepper doesn’t shy away from this type of game and I would say maybe it’s even a step further than other games because in the food part we’re going to have to grow different things and take care of our garden for food where we can grow a lot thing. What also sets it apart is probably the pacing, which is notably much slower compared to other games, thus giving players the possibility to do things at their own pace.

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Not wanting to repeat myself too much about the analysis that Élio Salsinha has done for other platforms, I can’t help but mention the gameplay, which will be where the game has the most problems. If I found this on Nintendo Switch, as I mentioned, touch screen, should be worse on other consoles. We often need to run combo buttons for the character, or use the same buttons to interact with objects, but also have the character run, that is, I’d say they make things more intuitive for the player. Then we have 2 analogues to move the camera, when one is enough; D-pad option from the submenu, the character will move only when we choose where we want him to go, and this can be done via An analog stick is done.

Graphically interesting. It’s not a realistic game, far from it, it provides some details that you can draw attention to, mainly the lighting effects of objects and the lighting it provides, very capable. Because it is a 2D horizontal version, the game has depth and gives people a 3D feeling. It is a very common thing in current games. The front and 2D gameplay are actually 3D, to put it mildly. Set the overall idea of ​​depth. In terms of sound, there’s nothing noteworthy. It’s simple, but serves its purpose.

Remember, the game is in Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese to be more precise. However, everything is perceivable without any problems, which is a treasure for all who may have problems with English or other foreign languages.

gentlemen.preparer It’s a good survival game. Its gameplay might not be the best on consoles, but on the Nintendo Switch, touch screen Made a big difference and improved this component. I believe that fans who like this kind of games will find it very funny.