Andreas Pojek: NFT – a topic for smart creatives and investors

Andreas Pojek: NFT – a topic for smart creatives and investors

Column of Andrews Posecake
Bachelor in Information Systems, MBA in Information Technology Management and Post Graduate in Network Technology. Entrepreneurs, business consultants and teachers

A few days ago I tried to talk about the matter with an acquaintance and automatically, his focus is not on solving all the problems. It’s not wrong. We have known for a long time that successful entrepreneurs calculate risks. But a very successful entrepreneur takes a risky bet.

This is why I want to talk to those who want to raise their heads so that they do not regret it later. There is a very basic reason why some companies succeed and others do not. And the mystery is not to spend time or energy on the problem but, to be precise, to focus on solutions. You don’t cut for improvement, you invest to get over. While many skate in the market to survive, try to go with the flow to survive, others keep themselves out of trouble and wear fighter uniforms. I feel like one of them. For everyone who tells me that the history of digital resources, crypto and the like is just a fad, I don’t even discuss it anymore. I bet, I invest, I get and I use NFT. If I need to sell what I have, I will.

NFT, for non-fungible tokens / non-fungible tokens, is a technology that allows you to create a unique signature, a digital certificate that confirms the authenticity of something. It can be an image file, a song, a published text, a contract, collectible, an experience and many other digital options!

The fact is that the NFTs market is becoming increasingly dominant not only in virtual social networks, but also in technology and financial markets. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it won’t work. It’s over! Some say that the niche may seem inaccessible

The most inexperienced user, even with the various advances and advantages applied to trading platforms. But the reality is that a lot of people are working for democratization, expansion and access. And, if you still don’t believe, sincerely and honestly, do you think the NFTs market, the fastest growing in the crypto and blockchain universe in recent years, is attracting celebrities, millionaire sales, big brands and millions? One thing without the future?

We are talking about a sector that encourages innovation and offers great opportunities, including investment. I want you, consumer, to open your eyes to Santa Maria Vanguard about this. We were overwhelmed by the news that NFT would open its first restaurant in New York. Wake up to the truth A themed pizzeria in the heart of Rio Grande Leap forward New technologies and business trends are already part of our routine. Investors who have an idea of ​​how big it can be must discuss it. Creatives in other fields and approaches must be immersed in this context!

I’m involved with the project because we’re still able to handle rare cards in the state and that’s why I’m proud (although for others I’m just crazy).

We are so far ahead that I can predict for you the fascinating universe of NFTs for us, the real tech workers, it’s more than just fashion, because of that. I am talking about the environmental impact in the creative field and the personal struggle against different possibilities. Spoiler, however, I will leave for you that gastronomy is the first way in the country. The latter is for artists and creatives. Worth the wait

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