Atlas and Fundamental Labs start consensus with an exclusive Web 3.0 forum

Atlas and Fundamental Labs start consensus with an exclusive Web 3.0 forum

Choose Industry Pioneers and Entrepreneurs Discuss how Web 3.0 is shaping the future

Austin, Texas, June 8, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Atlas, a global leader in Web 3.0 infrastructure and its sister company Fundamental Labs, a blockchain-centric venture capital firm, called for a kickoff event ahead of the main Consensus conference yesterday to discuss opportunities and challenges in development. The rise of Web 3.0. The title of the event was Former U.S. Presidential and NYC Mayoral Candidate and Web 3.0 Advocate, Andrew Young.

The event is supported by the Web 3.0 infrastructure and built on the vision of a unified future, which is the core of a philosophy of the Atlas brand. Forum, title “Building Web 3.0,Speakers from “Applications, Protocols, and Infrastructure Companies” who discussed the opportunities and challenges of their “level,” ‘Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0’ dynamics. Impact ৷ Speakers highlight how the Web 3.0 revolution can encourage green energy adoption, promote improved financial, healthcare, and educational outcomes for the global population, and provide better tools for managing communities and societies.

Ahead of the Consensus Conference this weekend, the event drew more than 500 participants, including industry experts from Web 3.0 firms, traditional financial institutions and regulatory agencies. Guest speaker with the Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush And the leaders of Polygon, Solana, Stratos, Chainsafe, Azaras have highlighted some of the most important issues and megatrends in shaping Web 3.0.

Raymond YuanChairman of CTH Group, support group of Atlas and Fundamental Lab“Web 3.0 is the Internet’s next frontier that enables users to own their digital assets, protect their data privacy, and gain unauthorized access to blockchain networks and next-generation financing.”

About Atlas

Headquarters Singapore, Atlas is a global infrastructure-a-services group that drives the evolution of Web 3.0 – the next step in the Internet. The company offers a wide range of value-added services for the Web 3.0 ecosystem, including application-specific computing, node infrastructure, networking, hardware, API support and storage.

Atlas is committed to being a global Next Generation Web 3.0 infrastructure provider that supports sustainable growth, green energy adoption, power consumption efficiency and sustainability to drive Web 3.0 evolution.

Atlas works North America, Asia And Europe With plans to expand to other areas. It is one of the largest application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) companies in the world.

As a firm believer in sustainable growth, Atlas aims to adopt 100% clean energy to strengthen our computing activities by 2024.

About Fundamental Labs

We believe in blockchain and the invention of crypto will redefine the future of human society. Fundamental Labs is dedicated to accelerating fundamental innovation, adopting blockchain technology and supporting the most promising entrepreneurs to create value in an advanced digital society.

From, with extensive business coverage Asia, Europe Per North AmericaFundamental Labs has regional headquarters and skilled local teams that help us connect with a number of promising projects worldwide.

Fundamental labs help multi-stage crypto companies as little as possible K 500K And as much as 50M +. In addition to capital, we take an in-depth empowerment approach to help our portfolios reach their full potential.

Fundamental lab investments are included in a number of areas such as Layer 1/2 Protocol, Web 3.0, Crypto Finance Infrastructure, Defy, NFT, etc. We are committed to continuing to work with our portfolio teams to achieve their tremendous success. Our portfolio includes more than 60 projects such as Coinbase, Canon, Polcadot, Vechain, Binance Coin, Blockstack, Avalanche, Near, Platon, Mask etc.

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