ATX partners with DAO artist ER, the HOPE campaign, and the Natives

ATX partners with DAO artist ER, the HOPE campaign, and the Natives

Austin, Texas, June 07, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – ATX DAOA collective decentralized autonomous body (DAO) dedicated to making Austin the crypto capital of the world, Austin today announced its partnership with local artists Efren Ribugio, Jr., Hope Campaign and Native Hostel ahead of the main crypto conference June 9 – June 12. The partnership is designed to raise awareness of crypto and web 3, a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, the HOPE campaign to the Austin community, an Austin-based for-profit 501 (c3) nonprofit through projects that benefit creatives. Connects to

Ribugio will draw a mural next to the Native Hostel building and use high-resolution drone footage to create an augmented-reality 3D reconstruction of the mural by local visual media producer Jeff Javala. The restructuring will be transformed into an NFT, a digital token representing the ownership of a digital asset, and will be made available to the general public for purchase. Proceeds from the NFT sale will be distributed between Rebugio himself, the HOPE campaign and ATX DAO’s Public Art Fund. The mural NFT will be featured in the June 10 agreement. “Put Austin Webb 3Party.

With 15,000 participants in Austin, it is set to be one of the most influential gatherings in the crypto and blockchain space, and the ATX DAO is expected to bring together one of the biggest events of the weekend. Held on June 10 in the Empire Control Room and Garage, world-renowned electronic artist Cedric Gervais is ready to headline and perform for ATX DAO members and crypto enthusiasts. Prior to the performance, representatives of the HOPE Campaign and ATX DAO will host a panel with Rebugio and Zavala to discuss mural design, the NFT creation process, and what value the project brings to the local community.

“I am an Austin native and I have a lot of love for this city. I believe that Web 3 technology can help many people, especially the creative ones, so it was a natural decision to help create ATX DAO, “said Mason Linaf, a founding member of ATX DAO and local musician. “Crypto and web3 are here to stay, and ATX DAO wants to make sure Austin is at the forefront of the industry. Our partnership with the Efren and HOPE campaigns is one of many ways to engage and support the local community using blockchain technology. We were thrilled to host Efren and HOPE for a panel at our Keep Austin Web3 event on June 10 to discuss the meaning and representation of the mural. ”

The Hope Campaign was launched in December 2006 in support of contemporary artist Shepard Fairy. For over 14 years, HOPE’s programs, campaigns, and events have supported and empowered local artists, young and old.

“ATX DAO has created a way for the community to crowdfund murals using technology and, in doing so, fund public arts projects. We’re always looking for new ways to support creatives, so when they came to us and we heard that Efren Ribgio was on board, we knew it was the beginning of something great! ” Says Miles Starkey from the Hope Campaign.

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ATX DAO aims to unite the Austin crypto community to make Austin the crypto capital of the world, enable artists and local businesses to participate in the crypto ecosystem, and educate governments about the benefits of web3. DAO organizes social events, provides Web3 skills to local policymakers, and helps create new Web3 projects to empower the city of Austin in the new digital economy.

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