Avakin Life – Brastemp Metaverse Debut ⋆ Us Nerds

Avakin Life – Brastemp Metaverse Debut ⋆ Us Nerds

Connecting the two worlds, real and virtual, the brand is the first to enter Avakin Life with a retro fridge

Brastemp, synonymous with performance and design in home appliances, is making its debut in Metaverse, a reality that has been widely discussed and explored by various audiences. And in this universe, Brastemp Retro launches its iconic cold. The brand is the first brand of home appliances to enter the Avakin Lifethe game which is a huge 3D virtual world, which simulates real life and provides a great interaction with the scenery.

Guided by the needs and behaviors of consumers, entering the metaverse is yet another digital initiative of the brand that, in addition to having its own website, has worked not only on its campaigns in the digital environment. , but also on socially relevant topics. network in recent years. Entering the world of games is a new initiative in this world where the brand already has solidity.

Making this design icon available to nearly 8 million avatars, the product will be available, for a limited time, in the decor items section, in 7 color options, including the exclusive Pride version, released last year. , as a symbol of love and support. to the LGBTQIAP + community.

Since last year, the Brastemp Retrô campaigns have covered guidelines in the area of ​​diversity and inclusion, with actions designed to have a positive impact on the community. Last year, the Retro Pride launch campaign featured singer Pabllo Vittar amplifying love messages inspired by real-life stories with the “Retro Love Radio” action, in which the proceeds from the sale of the retrospective went to Casa Neon. shelter for LGBTQIAP + people in situations of social vulnerability. This year, with the goal of becoming an ally of the community and spreading love, the campaign supports a different home, CASA NEM, as well as a reception center. By including in-game Retro, the consumer reinforces the goal and donation to Casa Nem.Avakin Life.  advertising image

“If Metaverso is the integration between the virtual world and the real world, the Brastemp Retro campaign could not be different. With the entry into Metaverse, Brastemp strengthens the conversation with its consumers wherever they are. This campaign begins in Avakin Life “But a theme as important as this could not be just virtual. Donating to CASA NEM has been the way we have found to reinforce that all forms of love and identification must be respected,” says Allyne Magnoli. , Marketing Director at Whirlpool.

To represent Brastemp Retro in the gaming universe, the campaign created by BFerraz has created an aesthetic through pixels that come together to form mosaics that carry the colors of the LGBTQIAP + flag. “For our visual identity we have created an algorithm that generates variable mosaics, reinforcing the idea of ​​diversity and uniqueness in the community, just like us, no mosaic will be the same,” says Phellipe Wanderley, Senior Art Director at BFerraz.Avakin Life.  advertising image

Brastemp brings in part of the campaign prominent influencers in the gamer universe and for the LGBTQIAP + community, such as Mandy Candy, Sher Macedo, Raony Phillips, Bryanna Nasck, malena and Kalera. Mandy Candy, one of the biggest voices of the trans community in Brazil, will play the role of the brand’s main spokesperson, starting today (13) at 9 pm, with the “Open do Amor”, a virtual party what will happen. in his apartment inside Avakin Lifebroadcast on its channel Twitch. The full team of influencers will be present at the open house through their avatars and will be part of the campaign throughout the month of June.

In addition, the campaign will also include a special calendar of posts for Brastemp’s Instagram throughout the month of June.

To participate in this event, simply download Avakin Life for free on the App Store or Play Store, and create your account.

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