Ball – Benfica defeated FC Porto again in the championship (Basketball)

Ball – Benfica defeated FC Porto again in the championship (Basketball)

“Benfica” has only one victory left to win the national championship and extended its lead over FC Porto to 2: 0 in the playoff final of the Portuguese Basketball League (LPB).

After a 79-58 victory last Saturday, the Red team won again today at the Paviliao da Luz with a score of 56-48.

The Eagles dominated the first three quarters (15-10, 13-11, 16-11 and 12-16) and managed a 12-point lead that began in the final game, and Aaron Brussard was the MVP. meeting (12 points, 13 points and 4 assists).

The third match will take place at Dragao Arena next Thursday (9th) at 18:00.

Watch the game movie here:

end of date – 56-48

19 ‘ – Last minute of the match: “Benfica” won by 9 points. Brussard and Clifford partially stopped the Dragons 11-0.

15 ‘ – 53-39 – Max Landis leads the blues and whites reaction. Five points to reduce disability. Ivan Almeida restores a more comfortable margin of the throw line.

12 ’30’ ‘ – 51-34 – Very strong entry by Benfica in the last period, with a 6-0 record. Moncho Lopez needs a time-out in order to provide evidence to counter the Reds ’second-largest advantage (17 points) in this fight.

The final part is the 3rd – 44-32 – The drowning of Ivan Almeida, who, with the help of Ben Romdhane, replaces the Eagles with a 12-point lead. Whites and blues showed a lot of difficulty in scoring, and the Benficais condemned the little rain in their choice to reach the basket. Let’s get to the final and decisive part …

5 ‘ – 37-24 – An interesting start to two sets: Landis responded to the Betino triple by throwing also three points. Just an illusion of improvement, as the teams once again lost a lot of shots. Betino remained active and brought back the team of Norberto Alves with a maximum advantage of 10 points. Margin, which increased with the contribution of Brusard and Gaines. The time-out, demanded by the blues and whites, could not stop the opposing march.

Start of part 2

The final part is the 2nd – 28-21 – Very weak first half, with low efficiency on both sides. Benfica, however, are better in the match 2.24 minutes before the break (27-19), through two points from Lewis, the best scorer, with 10 points and strong interference to the table (8 shots). Time-out, requested by Moncho Lopez, stopped the eagles from coming out.

Television cameras record the presence of Pedro Nuno, a replacement for Luis Magales at Sporting.

15 ‘ – Five minutes with six points from Benfica and five points from FC Porto. Many of the flights were lost and the athletes showed final anxiety.

Partial 1st final – 15-10 – Restoration of Porto players resulting from the actions of Morrison, Landis and Amarante. “Benfica” scored more than three minutes without a point. Ben Romdhan and Barboza (two free throws) helped the Eagles in those five minutes.

5 ‘ – 9-2 – Three close shots on goal by Lewis and Ivan Almeida’s trio put Benfica in front of this section. FC Porto responded to Arledge’s request. Many balls were lost on both sides of the field. Enter the dragon to Landis and Morrison.

0 ‘ – Start the game

Coaches have already identified the top five. Benfica – Frank Gaines, Bruscard, Betino Gomes, Lewis and Ivan Almeida. FC Porto – Odomes, Voitso, Miguel Queiroz, Arledge and Kluf.

“Benfica” and “Porto” today will consider the second match of the final of the Portuguese Basketball League (LPB) at the Pavilion da Luz. The Eagles dominated in the top five, after winning the first game, as well as in Lisbon, with a score of 79-58.


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