Ball – Benfica was forced to drink to beat Electrico (futsal).

Ball – Benfica was forced to drink to beat Electrico (futsal).

“Benfica” defeated “Electrico” with a score of 2: 1 and is leading in the semifinals of the playoffs in the national futsal championship. In a game that took place on Friday night at the Ponte de Sor sports pavilion, the Eagles were forced to sweat their shirts until the last minute to be able to defeat an opponent who had never thrown a towel.

The “victims” even went to the break with an interesting result (2: 0, with the goals of Ivan Chishkala and Rocha), but the team of Alentecho in the second half showed a good response and tried to withstand the text in every possible way. After Andre Sousa prevented the home team from celebrating, Electrico even managed to reduce the deficit, with Ferruga putting the pavilion into a real delirium in the 33rd minute.

The team led by Joao Freitas Pinto was even more motivated by this goal and from there to the end tried to approach dangerously near the Red Gate, but had no other skill or ingenuity to defeat the Portuguese international and at least, extension.

With this victory, Benfica have taken a very important step towards the final, the goal of which could be confirmed on Sunday, at 17:00, when they will receive the tram at the Pavilion da Luz.

Remember the movie:

End of game! Tram 1 Benfica 2.

40 mins: Matthew Kogikoski strikes and Andre Sousa saves for a corner.

39 mins: Yellow card to John Lennon.

39 mins: Tram Foal Fourth.

Minute 39: A technical break was requested by Joao Freitas Pinto, Electrico’s coach.

38 mins: Benfica scored the fourth goal.

Minute 37: Yellow card to Mateus Kogikoski.

37 mins: The third offense was committed by Tram.

37 mins: Andre Sousa, with absolutely fantastic intervention, actually rejected the double from the Pacins.

36 mins: Ferrugham started to help and Rousseau hit Andre Susa.

35 mins: Rafael Henmi, who is already in the area, shoots, but a little wide.

34 mins: Benfica’s third foul is committed.

33 minutes: Tram scores! After a round of Andre Susa passed Ygor Mota and Ferrugem, the score was 1-2.

30 mins: Good work by Andre Susa, on the offensive line, but Afonso Jesus, who was already in the area, shot over the bar.

29 mins: The second foul was committed by Tram.

29 mins: Tayebi tried his luck, but the shot went wide of Diogo Basilio’s left goal.

28th minute: Daniel Ayroso’s shot and Andre Sousa save the ball. Happiness is now for the embodiment.

27 mins: Ivan Chishkala’s shot and Diogo Basilio’s top defense.

26 mins: The first foul is made by the tram.

26 mins: Yellow card to Bruno Sintra.

26 mins: Benfica’s second foul is committed.

26 mins: John Lennon’s powerful shot for extraordinary intervention by Andre Susa.

25 mins: The first divination is made by Benfica.

24 mins: A long-range shot from Ferrugham, just on the left side of Andre Sousa’s goal.

Start the second part!

“Benfica” has clearly passed the goal. Despite the dedication of the Electrico players, the reds show more clarity of ideas and in addition, there are teams that have been able to create more scoring opportunities.

Ivan Chishkala scored from the middle distance with an excellent shot, giving the Eagles the lead, only in the 4th minute and Rocha also increased his strength with a beautiful long-range shot.

The intensity was constant, with five fouls committed by both teams (although neither of them crossed the line and therefore no direct penalty kick), which testifies to the emotional second half. Even because the tram is definitely doing its best to reverse the flow of events. Keep in mind that the Ponte de Sor logo has already beaten Benfica this season – a 3-1 victory, straight in the 2nd round of the regular season, in a match that took place on 16 October 2021.

Break! Tram 0 Benfica 2.

20th minute: Hugo Neves hits the right goal of Andre Susa.

19 mins: Yellow card to Robinho.

19 mins: Beanfica commits a fifth foul.

18 mins: The ball bounces off Nilsson’s left to Ferruguam, who almost scores, but Andre Correia blocks the Reds’ third with a high interference.

16 mins: Benfica make their fourth foul.

15 mins: A technical break was required by Pulpis, Benfica coach.

15 mins: Yellow card to Hugo Neves.

15 mins: The fifth offense was committed by the tram. The Alenteho team was banned from committing more offenses this first half because of a penalty for a free kick.

13 mins: Yugor Mota, on the edge of the box, kicks in his place, but the ball goes over the left goal of Andre Susa.

12 minutes: Benfica scores! Rocha, who was close to the right flank, hit Pacinho over and hit it hard with his left foot to make the score 0-2.

11 mins: Benfica’s third foul is made.

10 mins: Yellow card to Ferrugham.

10 mins: The fourth offense was committed by Tram.

10 mins: The third offense was committed by Tram.

9 mins: John Lennon’s powerful shot on the edge of the box, but the ball goes just wide of Andre Susa’s goal.

8th minute: Pacinho hits hard after deflecting the Tayebi sign, but Andre Sousa managed to block the goal.

7 mins: Second foul by Tram.

4 minutes: Benfica scores! After Robinho and Ivan Chishkala, a hard shot from a distance put the score at 0-1.

3 mins: The first foul is made by the tram.

3 mins: Ivan Chishkala tries his luck with a long shot, but Andre Correia saves with difficulty. In the collision, Rosha also showed the opposite goal, but Andre Correia made another superb intervention.

3rd minute: Robinho’s shot and Andre Correia’s corner kick.

Minute 2: Benfica’s second foul is committed.

Minute 2: Ivan Chishkala’s shot and Nilsson’s shot from close range over the goal. Incredible loss of eagles number 9.

1 min: John Lennon shoots to save Andre Susa.

1 min: The first divination is made by Benfica.

Start playing!

Electric (first five): Andre Correa, Ferrugham, Mateus Kogikoski ChGustavo Rodriguez and John Lennon

Substitutes: Alexei Popovich, Diogo Basilio, Rousseau, Hugo Neves, Peicinho, Daniel Ayroso and Igor Mota

Coach: Joao Freitas Pinto

Benfica (top five): Andre Sousa, Afonso Jesus, Robinho ChIvan Chishkala and Rocha

Substitutes: Martim Figueira, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nilsson, Tayebi, Bruno Sintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacare

Coach: pulpis

Referees: Thiago Silva (Porto) and Alexandre Costa (Aveiro)

There are already teams!

The Alenteho team then beat SC Braga in three games (1-1 and 4-5 after penalties; 4-1 and 5-4), while the Reds beat Leicester Porto Salvo in just two games (3-1 and 3). left. -0).

Tonight (21:00) in the first match of the playoffs of the national futsal championship “Electrico” will host “Benfica”. BOLA online will tell you about this game. Come with us, dear reader …

Good night!


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