Ball – Luis Felipe Vieira spoke again: Rui Costa, Rui Pedro Braz, Pinto da Costa, Frederico Varandas and cases of indiscipline (Benfica)

Ball – Luis Felipe Vieira spoke again: Rui Costa, Rui Pedro Braz, Pinto da Costa, Frederico Varandas and cases of indiscipline (Benfica)

The former Benfica president spoke again to CMTV on Tuesday. In the studio, Diamantino Miranda, Joao Malheiro and Pedro Guerra were with moderator Joao Ferreira.

It started with a description of the interview the day before. Luis Felipe Vieira had lunch on the day of his arrest not with court police elements but with tax inspectors.

Luis Felipe Vieira begins: “Presidents are elected by members. I was there for five or six months and it wasn’t because I felt like it. Another thing: I mentioned the differences I had with Rui Costa. Someone who doesn’t sit is not a child of good people and I think the words that Rui Costa said at his entrance while I was in custody were very wrong. If he calls and apologizes, because he knows what I did at Benfica … For some reason, Vieira’s battery is not running out. I have never been an enemy of Rui Costa. I already told you when I had a disagreement with him. Do I have to apologize? I already said yes. He was not the one to say that. I know who it was, the former Benfica manager, and I would have refrained from reading it if I had been in his place. “

“I will open a criminal case against Luis Felipe Vieira for libel.”now announces Joao Malheiro about former Benfica president’s remarks in an interview the day before, citing the commentator’s relationship with Eusebio.

“Go talk to Flora [mulher do Eusébio] and, if you are polite, apologize for everything you have done. Whatever process you want to record, I’m not going to talk about Eusebio anymore, ”Luis Felipe Vieira responded.

Did you get support after the interview? “I walk down the street every day and my answer is always the same:‘ Benfica is over for me. This is clear. I worked for Benfica for 20 years and only in the last two years have I taken leave. There is work to be done. ”

Diamantino asks Vieira directly: What did you do wrong in the last five years just to win the title of national champion? “It wasn’t for lack of work. In football, you win, you lose, and you draw. Benfica had a football hegemony in Portugal for a few years when the difficulties were clear when he started to replace the team. But “Benfica has always been in a fight, not for lack of work.”

“For example, in the first year of Jorge Jesus, I have no doubt that there was a very serious situation because of Covid. The players said they were healthy and could not even run. With Bruno Lage, at the end of the first round we only played for FC Porto. we lost, in the second round I don’t know what happened. It wasn’t a lack of discipline or professionalism, we had a good team and everything showed that we would win. Should I have insured Bruno Lagero? Benfica is complicated because Benfica fans don’t know what to expect. If they knew what to expect, Benfica would be a fantastic team with Seixal players. Bruno Lage was a fashion coach and see what they did with him. who has won six titles in three years. ”

Did you allow Pinto da Costa to film on the Estádio da Luz? “If someone disagreed with Pinto da Costa, it was always me, but I always relieved him. I don’t see an enemy in football. We were in the moment of calming down Portuguese football. When he spoke to me, I told him it was good, as long as he didn’t insult Benfica. I allowed myself to see no harm in that. Rui Costa also shook hands with Pinto da Costa and appeared to have committed a crime. These hatreds of pets go nowhere. Benfica needs others and others need Benfica more. I have no regrets. I am not sitting next to him, and he is not sitting next to me. ‘

A new question from Diamantino to Luis Felipe Vieira: why did you receive people who hated Benfica in Seixal? “The only person I met at Seixal was a FC Porto fan who passed by and wanted to talk to me, Vitor Katao. That was my mistake, I admit. I wouldn’t have come if I had known this program was for these conversations. I think that’s hypocrisy. “

Positive aspects in the current Council? “Rui Costa, like me, is valued for his work. I have seen many pros and cons. At the moment, Seixal is a little closed, not bad anymore, but not with the people there. “

The events of Rafa, Pizzi and Grimaldo? “It makes me laugh. The worst situation Benfica had was between Cardozo and Jorge Jesus. No one wanted to play, if Cardozo were there, Jesus would no longer coach Benfica. By description I have solved the problem. Recently, after the match with FC “Porto” there has been more and more indiscipline. Something is happening at Benfica that has not happened in my time. I would go there and talk to them. They knew I would soon change my tone. Rui Pedro Braz is not the one who has the power to lead Benfica in the locker room. In the game against FC Porto, some rage was allowed and instead of someone pushing Pizza under the shower, everyone knew he had a great career. Everyone knew the assistants would tell Jorge Jesus. Benfica is run by the media. Who went here? It was someone who was inside. “

“I think I was the one who accepted Rui Pedro Braz. He has already made a lot of mistakes at Benfica and is still there. Who is the president? They sold Waldschmidt for 12 million euros and we were ready to sell it for 25 million euros. Before the arrest, I told Rui Pedro Braz that I would never sell the player again, not to mention the price, as happened with Nuno Tavares. If I were president, I wouldn’t be working at Benfica anymore. “

“When I left, Rui Pedro Braz said he was left alone and didn’t know anything about it. Someone had to teach him. When I said that he had laid Jesus on his bed, I knew what I was saying (…) There are people in Benfica who are amnesic today (…) If I were to tell the whole truth that I lived in Benfica … ”

Agreement with Sporting President: Frederico Varandas called me to equalize the minimum wage. We also met with officials from Benfica and Sporting. It was a non-aggression pact. The methods have reached a point where it is difficult for any club. Did it work? Both Benfica and Sporting have agreed. ”

Final message: “Benfica fans should give Rui Costa time. They can’t demand to leave 100% from one moment to the next., The work you do, in my opinion, is well done. There are things I probably didn’t do, but the Benfica family needs to be united. What made me even happier was celebrating the title. Let Rui be there for many years and win many titles.

To close, the last question to Luis Felipe Vieira: Are you going to the General Assembly on Wednesday? “I’m not here,” he replied.


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