Ball – The Eagles defeated the Lions in overtime (7-5) and are in the final (Roller Hockey)

Ball – The Eagles defeated the Lions in overtime (7-5) and are in the final (Roller Hockey)

In an emotional classic game, Benfica beat Sporting 7-5 in extra time in extra time to secure a place in the National Division I final, where FC Porto, a tie winner (3-) 0) with Okay de Barcelona.

The Reds were always in front of the score and reached the main time break with an advantage of two goals: 1-3. In the second half, the home side went after a draw and were 5-5 by Gonzalo Romero, seven seconds after the finish.

The decision was postponed to extra time, in which the Eagles resolved the issue with a goal in each half, both by Edu Lamas.

The first final match will start next Thursday at 15:00.

Here are the highlights of the meeting:

End the game! Benfica beat Sporting 7-5 to secure a place in the final.

60 ‘Benfica’s goals (5-7)! Edu Lamas enters the goal and hits the back of the goal.

58 ‘ Lucas Ordonez misses a free kick and misses a chance to close the game.

56 ‘ The second part of overtime begins.

Space in extra time: Benfica go ahead, 6-5.

55 ‘Benfica’s goals (5-6)! Edward Lamas favors the visitors.

52 ‘ Sporting have 13 tackles, Benfica with 15.

51 ‘ Duration begins!

The usual time in Joao Roche’s pavilion ends: the classic goes into overtime.

50 ‘Sports scores (5-5)! Half the distance from Gonzalo Romero, very violently, equalizes seven seconds from the finish!

47 ‘ Another save by Pedro Anriquez, a direct shot by Gonzalo Romero.

46 ‘ Angelo Girao missed Carlos Nicolia’s free kick.

46 ‘ Blue card for Gonzalo Romero from Sporting: direct penalty kick to Benfica

46 ‘Sports Score (4-5)! Gonzalo Romero renews hopes of the Alvalada emblem.

42 ‘ Ferran Font struck the gate in a relentless movement by the lions.

42 ‘ Pablo Alvarez does not score in the first or second half in a direct penalty kick against Angelo Girao.

39 ‘ Gonzalo sees Romero as Pedro Henriquez delivers his first shot before entering the goal post and showing a direct shot.

39 ‘ Blue card for Lucas Ordonez, from Benfica: a direct shot to Sporting.

38 ‘Benfica’s goals (3-5)! Lucas Ordones appears in the opposite field and is unforgiving.

38 ‘ Angelo Giraud canceled Carlos Nicolia’s free-kick attempt.

38 ‘ Blue card for Matthias Platero, from Sporting: a direct shot for Benfica.

37 ‘Benfica’s goals (3-4)! Pablo Alvarez puts the Reds ahead again.

35 ‘ After 15 minutes, the classic remains.

29 ‘ Pedro Anriquez again won a duel with Ferrant Font on a new penalty for Sporting.

31 ‘ Benfica’s 10th foul!

30 ‘Sports score (3-3)! Alessandro Verona turns the pavilion red in order to equalize.

29 ‘Sports Score (2-3)! Ferrant Font supports the Lions to the opponent.

26 ‘ Start the second part!

Midday at Paviliao Juao Roche: Sporting lost 1-3 at home to Benfica.

24 ‘ Pedro Henriquez saved Gonzalo Romero from the penalty spot and kept the lead.

24 ‘Benfica’s goals (1-3)! Carlos Nicolia leads the Eagles with two more goals, converting a direct shot.

24 ‘ Sporting 10th folly!

20 ‘ Sporting have already reached the 9th foul. Benfica has 8 points.

17 ‘Sports Score (1-2)! Gonzalo Romero reduces the distance from the penalty spot.

15 ‘Benfica’s goals (0-2)! Paul Manrubia is accurate in loading and extends the advantage of the Reds.

15 ‘ Fools: Sporting – 6; Benfica – 5

15 ‘ The game is stopped again as Sporting seeks a draw.

10 ‘ Time discount: Eagles are preferred poster.

7 ‘Benfica’s goals (0-1)! Diogo Rafael opens the scoring in the Joao Roche pavilion.

5 ‘ In a balanced game, Sporting have already reached the fourth round: Benfica with two.

0 ‘ Start playing!

There are already teams!

Sports: Angelo Girao, Ferrant Von, Matthias Platero, Tony Perez and Gonzalo Romero

Sports Substitutes: Jose Diogo Macedo, Juao Almeida, Alessandro Verona, Juao Souto and Anrique Magallans

Sports coach: Paulo Freitas

Benfica: Pedro Anriquez, Diogo Rafael, Edu Lamas, Lucas Ordonez and Gonzalo Pinto

Benfica Substitute: Rodrigo Vieira, Carlos Nicolia, Pablo Alvarez, Paul Manrubia and Daniel Oliveira

Benfica head coach: Nuno Resende


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