BASF uses metaverse to promote sustainability week

BASF uses metaverse to promote sustainability week

Sustainability is a growing demand from society. A 2019 Union + Webster survey found that 87% of the Brazilian population prefers to buy products and services from sustainable companies and, according to the National Confederation of Industries, 76.5% of Brazilian industries already have some initiative. of circular economy.

During Environment Week, June 6-10, BASF will launch Sustainable Week in the metaverse to celebrate the importance of industry initiatives towards sustainability. In an immersive, interactive digital environment, full of connection and set in a forest, life will take place on June 6, 7 and 9, content will be available, in addition to the promotion of solutions and technologies that support an economy. sustainable for Brazil and others.South American countries.

“Through solutions, we have a positive impact on sustainability needs, such as climate change, emission reduction, water and energy consumption, costs and biodiversity protection, for example. “says Renata Milanese, BASF’s Customer Enabling Director for South America.

The life organized for the event will address topics targeted at various sectors of the industry, including green energy, bioactivity, sustainability in automotive painting, packaging, digitization, agro-industry, opportunities for carbon management, among others. Journalist and presenter Rosana Jatobá will give a lecture on ESG, commenting on her commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance.

Technologies for sustainability

In addition to the information, there will be a big promotion on the e-commerce platform, the [email protected], of solutions that bring sustainability to the value chain. Focusing on the environmental, economic and social pillars, the company has challenging goals that were aligned a few years ago and invests in R&D to improve its portfolio and ensure that industries can improve their processes or offer more sustainable products. consumers of their products. .

Throughout this week, the carbon emitted in the transport by the sale made on the platform [email protected] will be compensated by BASF. These issues will be measured in partnership with Fundação Espaço ECO, a sustainability consultancy created and maintained by BASF. Carbon offsetting will be done by planting seedlings in the Mata Viva Project, located at the BASF Chemical Complex in Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, and in nine countries in South America with the support of local partners. In addition, for each satisfaction survey (NPS) completed in June, the Customer Experience team will perform the tree planting action following the same pattern.

The actions contribute to the company’s overall goals, which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030 compared to 2018, and a journey towards climate neutrality to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. BASF has been calculating the carbon footprint per product since 2007 and has made this information available since 2021 with the help of a digital tool. Another important goal is to increase the share of products in the portfolio that make a significant contribution in terms of sustainability to the company’s sales value chain – and that will be promoted during the week.

BASF uses metaverse to promote sustainability week

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