Benfica beat Porto again and win one title ::

Benfica beat Porto again and win one title ::

In a game where FC Porto again had great attacking difficulties for most of the game, Benfica showed themselves better in the fight for the tables, brought the best lesson and won the second game in a row against the Dragons, this time 56-49, now only the title of national champion. one victory left. The third match will be played this Thursday, June 9 at Dragão Arena.

After the first game, Benfica showed all its advantages by winning 79-58, the Eagles re-hosted FC Porto in Luz for the second leg of the Betclic League play-offs. The Reds could take an important step towards the title of national champion, and the Dragons could close the series and rely on the help of Max Landis, who recovered from injury.

Tables and lots of work

As in Game 1, the stands at Pavilhão da Luz were practically full for Portuguese men’s basketball decisions. Benfica’s strategy was easily felt in the first minutes and using Wendell Lewis’ post (he scored the first six points for the Eagles), FC Porto wanted to cross the block directly and try to attack inside the game. (almost always) looking for a trio. Porto’s external shot did not fall, which meant that the intense struggle on the tables was constant.

When Wendell Lewis left, the red strategy changed and it was up to Clifford to try to get Morrison out of the lane to give his teammates a place to attack the basket. The attacks were ineffective, and most of the last minutes of the first half were spent on the free line. Max Landis again brought a little more stubbornness and attitude to the attack of the White and Sky, and even though he hurt his opponents, they lost 15-10 and reached the end of the first round.

Benfica SL Benfica were superior in the first half

The teams adjusted after the first half, and points were scarce at the start of the second quarter, especially on the Benfica side, where it took three minutes to get their markers back on track. However, FC Porto did not take advantage of this, and while both sides scored a total of 11 points, the trend continued until a time-out was finally required at 5:31.

Trying to apply more speed in attacking this time-out basket, the dragons turned the main reference in this area to Kloof, and even managed to get closer to the marker. However, Norberto Alves carried out the plan and began to put pressure on the whole pitch, which made it difficult to play with Porto, and the baskets were closed again. In the final minutes, Benfica still showed signs of good circulation in the lane to find the player under the basket and reached the break with a victory of 28-21.

Gives more head wins

The first minute of the third half showed that the teams performed better in the outside shot (one for each side in a row), but although the shots were well established, the bet on the outside shot continued and the ambition and effectiveness were not observed. .is generally. The atmosphere was heating up, and with the amount of rebounds and the second chance the eagles had conquered, the stands were becoming more and more electrified.

Realizing that the team was facing the same difficulties as in the first half, Moncho López returned to bet on Kloof’s attacking speed in the basket, but Benfica quickly adapted and the Gaines trio stopped the blue-and-whites. FC Porto tried to surprise the red ball carrier by double-checking, but Broussard’s entry once again gave Benfica greater foresight, and they took the opportunity to finish the third period 44-32 in the table.

Porto FPB continued the difficulties

Just ten minutes before the end of the game, Benfica bet on the intensity of the attack on the basket to punish the white-and-blue team for physical and fouls, and increased the advantage, which caused some disappointment to the visitors. This was evident in a number of decisions, especially in the attack, and even led Odomes to make a completely unnecessary technical foul.

Benfica seemed to be in control of the game, but Max Landis appeared in the match and the Reds made a few mistakes in the attack, reducing the disadvantage to only one figure in the last minutes. Nevertheless, strong public support strengthened the hosts and Benfica won an important 56-48 victory.

Individual highlights were Wendell Lewis (11 points, 11 rebounds and 2 rebounds) and Aaron Broussard (12 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals). The final will now take place at Dragão Arena on Thursday, June 9, next game 3.

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