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When the history books about this election are written, Chris Krebs will be one of the heroes. Last Thursday, when Trump was trying to spin his unsubstantiated claim that Dominion Voting Systems and other companies that provided election software had diverted votes to President-elect Joe Biden, Krebs delivered an emphatic rebuttal on behalf of his agency and the 50 state election monitors he had worked with.

Krebs had even retweeted a caution against “wild and baseless claims about voting machines, even if they’re made by the president.” That may have infuriated the White House, but he spoke for a task force that included representatives of secretaries of state and state election directors in all 50 states

Krebs and other election security officials had months to prepare, because Trump has been so blatant about his intention to subvert a result that doesn’t go his way. Biden should keep repeating this message: The departing president can demean himself and his party, but he can’t change the result.

Trump’s prime target was Dominion Voting Systems, with a claim that Dominion was “a privately owned Radical Left company”. Pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said evidence of fraud was “coming through a fire hose.”

As these conspiracy theories rise like swamp gas, is the nation helpless? Thankfully not, because of monitoring systems put in place months ago by officials determined to protect our democracy.

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