Block Forest Dark Horse WEB3.0 Blockchain Aggregation Platform

Block Forest Dark Horse WEB3.0 Blockchain Aggregation Platform

Block Forest Dark Horse WEB3.0 Blockchain Aggregation Platform

Block Forest (BFT), a new financial agreement, makes commitments easier and more efficient and provides the most stable return on cryptocurrency.

What? Block forest?

Block Forest (BFT) is a new financial protocol that makes commitments easier and more efficient, and gives those BFT token holders the highest returns in cryptocurrency in a sustainable fixed compounding model. Block Forest has a basic circuit breaker mechanism to make the project much longer

$ BFT is a Bep20 token, the total amount of $ BFT is variable. Block Forest Smart Contracts are carefully written by team engineers This ensures the continuity and stability of the project.

The purpose of creating block forest

The members of Block Forest’s founding team have achieved much across the financial world and more than a million times in the cryptocurrency space, with hundreds of DeFi projects concluding that complex economic models limit the participation of ordinary users and consume large amounts. Resources in the process. The purpose of creating a block forest is to create a blockchain-based metaverse world, which is managed by block forest participants. At the same time, through a long-term effective compounding process, the resources of each citizen are acquired independently, and we hope that every person on the planet can join the block forest.

BFT Investment Block Forest – $ Uses Dao to reward BFT users with high rewards. Users simply buy that BFT and put it in their wallet to get automatic return on BFT price every 15 minutes, no parallels, no collection, everything is automated by smart contract.

BFT Wealth Block Forest – DAO Dividend Level 1: 1%, Level 2: 0.2%, Level 3: 0.2%, Level 4: 0.2%, Level 5: 0.2%, Level 6: 0.2%. Get rewarded. Countdown: 60% evenly divided 10% prize pool each time

BFT Governance Block Forest – In the world of Block Forest, all rights are vested in the holder and we launch various proposals for decision making by all users containing $ BFT. BFT is a distributed governance metaverse world where everything is fair and open.

BFT buying-selling fees are an important component of the block forest. They provide capital for performing important functions of the protocol.

Amount of fee (8% for purchase And 8% for saleঅনুম Allows Block Forest to award $ BFT holders high rewards and sustainable development projects

2% of trade fee per sale $ BFT will be automatically credited to the black hole address. The more transactions that are made, the more black holes are deposited in the address, thus reducing the supply and stabilizing the free contract.

Another advantage of a perpetual burn of the circulation supply is that due to its inflationary nature, each $ BFT token is equal to the higher value, thus increasing the individual value.

The Consensus Fund is a separate wallet in the Freedom Protocol system that deposits 2% of the trade fee for each sale to the Block Forest Consensus Fund.

Consensus Fund Maintains Block Forest Development –

– Continuous airdrop activity

– Continuous global roadshow, KOL collaboration

– Ongoing technological upgrades to the Freedom Protocol.

– Continuous investment in advertising and marketing.

– Select projects with incubation potential

Auto-elpmarket liquidity is very important and it plays an important role in allowing the purchase and sale of BFT tokens. In layman’s terms, think of liquidity as a large pool of money that is 50/50 divided by $ BFT Token VS $ USDT. The token has a conversion ratio set to $ BFT, which participants can receive with USDT, for example, 1 USDT = 100 BFT. When someone buys BFT, the price per BFT will increase and the ratio above will also change at the same time to account for this. In the case of sales, it goes in the opposite direction Liquidity allows them to buy and sell BFT / USDT at any time, however, the less money / liquidity there is in the pool, the worse the participants will get, so Block Forest Auto-LP automatically adds more liquid to the pool and therefore solves that problem.

Here’s how Block Forest Auto-LP works:

Every 1 hour The auto-liquidity engine will automatically bring liquidity into the market. In each purchase order, 3% All purchased trade fees $ The BFT is automatically stored in the Auto-LP wallet and is built into the smart agreement of the protocol, a process that cleverly picks up 50% of the BFT amount stored in the wallet and will automatically purchase USDT at the current market price. The Auto-LP Wallet will also have the remaining 50% of that BFT Automatically Liquidity has been added to the pool as new excess liquidity.

World Cup FIFA 2022 NFT

3% business of each sale Fees Distributed to all addresses holding the NFT of the Independence Medal will become dividends; This type of dividend is created whenever the sale is traded and the partners can claim it through the Medal of Freedom interface.

Dividends claimed for each NFT Medal of Forest = Total Dividends / Number of Medal of Forest NFTs

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