BOLA – FC Porto beat Benfica in a show with 15 goals (Roller Hockey)

BOLA – FC Porto beat Benfica in a show with 15 goals (Roller Hockey)

Plenty of goals in the third game of the play-off final, at Dragao Arena, after a 9-6 victory, brought FC Porto back to Benfica. The new success, this time at the Estádio da Luz, on the 25th, will make FC Porto players the national champions.

In a very intense game in the first half FC Porto took advantage of Benfica’s false start and quickly took the lead in the table. He actually scored in the first leg against Pedro Anriquez by Carlo Di Benedetto (2 m). When Benfica stepped back in defense, Xavi Barroso extended the lead (8 m). These were the highlights of the opening period, with three goals in the eighth minute as Pablo Alvarez lost his balance as he entered the line and reduced it, but Ezekiel Mena scored in the next move. Gonzalo Pinto left Benfica more comfortably before the break (16 m) when he scored the second goal for the visitors (3-2).

The second half began with a new goal from Porto in the first minute (26 m) by Ezekiel Mena, but Benfica, who were always more dangerous with Pablo Alvarez on the pitch, despite recovering from injury, were able to equalize the Argentine and Gonzalo Pinto ( 29 and 30 m), which then provided the first red lead (4-5). But the somersault did not take place in the promotion, as Reynaldo Garcia, Xavi Barroso and Telmo Pinto scored four goals in nine minutes (35, 39, 41 and 43 m) and the team’s 10th goal in the hosts. Carlos Nicolia broke this series of direct penalty kicks (46 m) before Carlo Di Benedetto finished the score, after a blue card to Pablo Alvarez (48 m).

Remember the movie:

50 ‘: Game on Dragon is over! “Porto” in the final match with a score of 2: 1.

47 ‘: Goals FC Porto, 9-6! After Benfica’s tenth goal, Carlo Di Benedetto became the ninth among the Dragons from a penalty kick.

47 ‘: Blue card for Pablo Alvarez (Benfica).

45 ‘: After the move, after a collision from Telmo Pinto, Carlos Nicolia should get help in the lumbar area.

45 ‘: Benfica’s goal, 8-6! In the collection of direct shots Carlos Nicolia cuts for the Eagles. Xavi Malian also saved the Argentine’s first shot, but in a resilient shot Benfica’s No. 7 scored.

43 ‘: FC Porto goals, 8-5! Reynaldo Garcia used the “offer” to beat Pedro Anriquez from midfield again, but the Eagles goalkeeper did not look good in the photo.

41 ‘: FC Porto goals, 7-5! Telmo Pinto ran from behind the goal and beat Pedro Enriquez in the middle of the line.

39 ‘: FC Porto goals, 6-5! From the middle of the street Xavi Barroso scored the best goal of the night and put the dragon forward again. What a “blow” from the Spanish!

34 ‘: FC Porto goals, 5-5! Another minute Reynaldo Garcia equalized! Not for the faint of heart!

33 ‘: Benfica’s goal, 4-5! For the first time, Benfica is in front of a marker that fell after Gonzalo Pinto’s skillful help from Paul Manrubia in the area. “Hat-trick” for Portugal!

29 ‘: Goals Benfica, 4-4! Pablo Alvarez took advantage and equalized the game at the entrance to the Dragon.

29 ‘: Goals Benfica, 4-3! In response to the penalty, Gonzalo Pinto scored twice with an average shot to impress the blue and white goalkeeper.

28 ‘: Gonzalo Alves’ Paul Manrubia called Xavi Barroso after a penalty.

26 ‘: Goals Porto, 4-2! Fifteen seconds after the reconstruction, the number 7 dragon appeared in the area and was out of reach of Pedro Anriquez.

26 ‘: The game starts again!

25 ‘: Break in the Dragon! A very lively and balanced game, FC Porto led 3-2.

15 ‘: Benfica’s goal, 3-2! Service Carlos Nicolia, Gonzalo Pinto will sign the second Eagles on the face of Xavi Malian.

8 ‘: FC Porto goals, 3-1! Ezekiel Mena restores the two-goal advantage for the Dragons after releasing the ball in midfield. Three goals a minute in Dragao!

8 ‘: Benfica’s goal, 2-1! After joining, Pablo Alvarez, in his excellent individual work, finds a position in the region and shortens the distance.

8 ‘: FC Porto, 2-0! Xavi Barroso took advantage of a goal from Pedro Enriquez to open the scoring.

5 ‘: FC Porto on the verge of second, Pedro Anriquez denies this to Carlo Di Benedetto and Xavi Barroso.

2 ‘: FC Porto goals, 1-0! Carlo Di Benedetto signs the first night.

1 ‘: Game begins!

At Benfica, the absence of Argentine Lucas Ordóñez is notable for not playing due to injury.

Porto: Xavi Malian, Ezekiel Mena, Carlo Di Benedetto, Xavi Barroso, Gonzalo Alves

Benfica: Pedro Enriquez, Diogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolia, Edu Lamas and Gonzalo Pinto


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