Brasilia got the innovative event with the NFT exhibition

Brasilia got the innovative event with the NFT exhibition

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The innovation process today is the implementation of relationships, costs, decisions and solutions that add value and make people’s lives easier. Maintaining this trend is a guarantee of a new era and a new era ahead. And in this sense, the center of the country, where the biggest political and government decisions take place, will be sanctified with its arrival. 2nd Innova Summit, A great conference and a great community that brings together today’s and tomorrow’s leaders for innovation, business solutions and a developed world. Between June 21st and 23rd, there will be an event at the Ulysses Guimares Convention Center to engage, educate and inspire all participants in their personal and professional lives.

The event, which promises to bring the universe of innovation and technology together, is part of the FAP Promotion and Sponsorship, in partnership with the Connect Brazil Institute, the DF Tourism Department, the DF Economic Development Department and BRB Finance.

The second version of it Innova Summit Will be full of experiences that will give participants the opportunity to know, gain awareness, feel and feel innovation in its broadest sense. “Our goal is to promote the revolution of your worldview for transformation, evolution, and improvement. We believe that innovation goes beyond technological innovation. Connecta is the president of Brazil and one of its creators Innova Summit.

In addition to being an innovation experience event, Innova Summit There will be a program in the Master Auditorium, in addition to international programming, startup exhibitions and arena gamers. Innova AcademyA completely innovative venture.

Oh Innova Academy Participating in the event has been specially designed for the students and teachers of the educational institution. However, if there is a vacancy in the Master Auditorium after the start of the lecture (scheduled for 8:20 hrs), Innova Academy Registered among other participants Innova Summit.

Arena Games, with an afternoon schedule on the 22nd and 23rd, will showcase the individual’s major conversions through the approach to online games and, in addition, promote content targeting entrepreneurs with key trends and technologies in this market. . All content will be taught at Arena Games, focusing on the business opportunities that the sector offers and awakening the entrepreneurial trigger among young people who do not yet see the opportunities that this market has to offer.

Also, as a stimulus for gamejumplus gamer entrepreneurs, there will be a variety of topics aimed at the digital games industry in DF, incubation of game studios at SPCINE, how to support Brazilian game startups and those who want to take their first steps. Address

One of its attractions and highlights Innova Summit NFT exposure (non-fungible token or non-fungible token in Portuguese). NFT is a special kind of cryptographic token that represents something unique. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and many other utility tokens, NFTs are not interchangeable. Non-fungible tokens represent something specific and unique and cannot be replaced. The advantage of NFTs is that in addition to serving as the title of a digital item or even as a physical item attached to its digital record on the blockchain, NFTs are increasingly integrating utilities. Inside Innova Summit There will be an exhibition of NFT art in the event space via digital screen.

Experts in the innovation and technology market will enjoy the event by promoting their experience and knowledge. It is important to highlight the presence of Pedro Coxa, gamer, YouTuber and social media personality, he is known as the creator of the Camp War game. In addition to Pedro, famous speakers such as Thiago Negro, founder of Grupo Primo, an ecosystem that seeks to democratize access to knowledge for people seeking financial independence and wealth creation, Pablo Marcel, bestseller Antimedo author, Joao Pedro Mota, 17 years old , Working in technology, marketing, growth hacking and influential markets, Nina Silva, executive in technology for over 20 years, expert in business management and digital transformation with international operations, Leandro Carnell, historian, social PhD by USP. Academic member Paulista de Letras, a UNICAMP professor for over 20 years, an important author, speaker, intellectual, and opinion maker, is recognized throughout the country. For other perspectives, Carlos Bush, an executive on the market for over 20 years, MIT Technology Review Brazil columnist, sponsor of Fuja da Media Channel and its vice president Salesforce Latin America And Tony Ventura, a technology expert, travels the world recommending the best to his audience as a speaker on learning new technologies and innovations. All these names will add a lot of knowledge Innova Summit. An important figure who will be present is actor, vocalist and comedian Marcos Luke, who will launch his NFT collection in an unprecedented way.

Oh Innova Summit, Which has free registration, is an event that just goes beyond the universe of lectures and the spread of innovative content. However, it is important to note that registrations do not guarantee access to lectures, which are subject to competence and will be based on what you actually receive before admission, without reserving any seats. Registration can be done on the website of the event.

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