Building A Web Presence That Sells

Having a website for your business is critical. And now more than ever, selling online has become a key lifeline for millions of small businesses adapting to the new normal. If you’ve already established a robust in-person presence, figuring out how to translate your physical store to a digital storefront can be an uphill battle. You’ll need to find new ways to express your brand, bring in customers organically through search, and to design an experience that ultimately converts to the bottom line. Join us as we provide actionable insights on how to establish a web presence that sells.

Learn more about the Square & Forbes Small Business Advisory Team, a team of industry experts who have come together to support small business owners.

Square has the tools to run your business — even when it’s not business as usual. Our solutions help any business make the shifts it needs, whether that’s selling online or safely in person; providing delivery, shipping, or pickup; promoting your business; or maintaining cash flow. Stay connected with your customers through tools that connect together. See how Square works.

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