Businesses use metaverse for real estate trading

Businesses use metaverse for real estate trading

The platform is the word of the moment and has already become a way for brands and companies to use the metaverse to do business and action. The proposal behaves like a game: Fortnite, Freefire, GTA or Tony Hawk, where you control a character, you can choose an appearance, skin color and dress, composing an avatar of himself.

In the metaverse, the avatar is an extension of you in the virtual world and here you are free to meet people, participate in events, concerts, meetings, shops, etc.

One of the companies already exploring this possibility is eXp Realty, a global digital real estate company founded in 2008 and operating in some of Brazil’s major states since 2021. The company is now looking to sell blockchain properties using the Metaverso platform.

According to the company’s new Country Manager in Brazil, Claudio Hermolin, eXp will allow brokers to sell properties in all 21 countries where the company operates, making exchanges with employees in a single team. Another difference of the company in the metaverse is the geographical freedom of spaces and times, to be on a platform in the metaverse.

“While some real estate companies do a 50-50 split, here, because we’re digital, we don’t have a physical space and costs, the initial split is 70% for the broker and 30% for the eXp. And, according to negotiations , this division can reach up to 95% for the broker and 5% for the eXp, ”he says. The company also presents the possibility to use and / or exchange your commissions for company shares.

In addition, the institution offers its own tools and courses at eXp University to support employees. And real-time service if there is interest or need to talk to someone at the company. “This fosters the possibility and interest of brokers to be with us on a global portal, with transaction possibilities in many countries,” he says.

Feast and sale of NFT in the metaverse

Another Brazilian who is in the metaverse is Housi. The company, which offers subscription residences, has announced a collaboration with MetaMundi on the first development in the metaverse: a three-story building in Decentraland that already replicates the experiences offered in the real world. Pool parties, classes, concerts, meetings with celebrities and clubs are on the company’s menu. Omo, Rappi and Luiza Magazine are among the companies participating in the virtual events in partnership with happy hourstreasure hunts and conferences.

In May this year, the initiative already attracted investors: the company was the first in Brazil to sell a property in the metaverse. The buyer purchased a unit of ON Jardins Powered By Housi. The offer in the metaverse also includes the sale of works of art in partnership with artist Beto Gatti, through the NFTrend market.

NFT’s – Non Fungible Token or Non Fungible Token – are products marked with tokens or numeric codes with digital transfer registration that guarantee authenticity to their owners. In practice, they function as collections that cannot be played but transferred.

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