Castle creates digital art in NFT that can be valued at over R $ 3 thousand and wins over collectors worldwide.  Bauru and Marilia

Castle creates digital art in NFT that can be valued at over R $ 3 thousand and wins over collectors worldwide. Bauru and Marilia

The culture market takes advantage of a fuel that has emerged as an opportunity for new ways to trade digital works: NFT, or non-fungible tokens. Digital authenticity began to be used by a few artists from Seal Bauru (SP) who sell works and attract collectors interested in new releases.

Per g1The couple, Shirley Renis, a 47-year-old photographer, and Oliver Rainis, a 47-year-old lawyer, say the project to sell digital art began as a diversion, as both are passionate about photography and photo manipulation.

The move to expand the project was taken towards the end of 2019, as soon as the NFT gained market relevance and was renamed “Rinis Kapal”. Since they have been on the market since the beginning, they already have collectors in different parts of the world.

“Our art is already bought here by collectors from Brazil, USA, England, Portugal, Finland.”

Some artists from Bauru sell digital art on NFT and attract collectors interested in new releases – Photo: Rainiskopel / Disclosure

The couple further commented that the whole sales process starts with certification technology through blockchain, a kind of big “account book”, which guarantees the originality of the artistic work. In the case of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, this laser records the value sent and received.

“Once connected to the blockchain, we list them for sale in global NFT markets such as Algogems, Foundation, OpenSea and Objkt, in addition to our own websites. From there, we advertise them on social media and directly to our collectors.” , They count.

Each task takes a certain amount of time to prepare: from photography to the creative process they take as the basis for manipulation – which extends from emotional to conceptualization of ideas.

“When we start performing art on the computer, it can take from one day to a few days. But before that moment there was a complete preparation,” they guarantee.

Castle de Baueru explains that the art market at NFT is great for artists and attracts consumers – Photo: Rainiscope / Disclosure

As the couple explained, an art market like NFT is great for artists and attracts customers. So much so that, in addition to sales, Oliver and Shirley gained recognition in the NFT market.

A. Work range R $ 46 to R $ 3,460Values ​​that depend on the type of license that accompanies the photos (from a commercial license, so that the buyer can use the image for whatever he wants) are absolute restrictions (he can only use it for personal use, for example, print and keep at home), file Type (which allows for larger or smaller prints) and number of versions (working with one version is more expensive than working with multiple versions).

“Over the last two years, we’ve seen our art move to collectors in four corners of the globe. Two of our works have been exhibited by a large art gallery, including S সাo Paulo and Zurich (Kogan Amaro), and this is what took our work to this year’s SP-Art. Gone, which is the largest industrial fair in the Southern Hemisphere. ”

For the next step, the couple noted that they are already preparing for the first major NFT event in the SP state, which should take place in December and will feature a physical exhibition of NFTs, workshops and lectures on the digital industry.

‘Social Creator Token’

Digital Art at NFT is part of the ‘Alien X’ collection, a project by a couple from Bauru – Photo: Rainiscope / Disclosure

Shirley and Oliver carry the title of the first artist to bring “Token Social Creator” to Brazil, as they say. This trend is one of the most recent in the digital world and originated in the United States.

The term refers to a kind of economy based on digital ownership, built around a principle of “ownership economy” in the promise that a community will be more valuable tomorrow than it is today.

“We have created a token, similar to a cryptocurrency called $ REINIS. This token is distributed free of charge to all collectors who purchase our NFT, and in their possession, collectors will have access to a series of exclusive benefits, such as advance to new collections, special prices for new work purchases. , The exclusive content of our industry “, they confirm.

Tokens, according to the couple, provide collectors access to actively participate in the construction of future collections of the project to create bonds with collectors.

The couple’s digital arts from Bauru show the potential for a variety of styles and creations that they combine in their work – Photo: Rainis Kapal / Disclosure

The couple’s digital art portfolio showcases a variety of styles and creative possibilities that they combine in their work. From realistic photographs, to natural light and spontaneity, to changing situations and the application of drawings, the couple explores open paths to imagination.

To collect the title “Alien X”, the couple took to the streets of Bauru with two cameras to record the sights that could serve as the basis for the scenario and the narrative there.

On Wednesday (1st), the couple launched their third collection, “Cyberscape”, which bets on apocalyptic sci-fi.

The results of the fieldwork mixed with creativity led the couple to create different, modern, futuristic and, at times, surreal art. “Our arts refer to dreams, fantasies, alternative worlds and other planets,” they conclude.

The couple from Bauru created digital art on the NFT that could be worth more than R $ 3 thousand and win over collectors around the world – Photo: Rainiscope / Disclosure

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* Assisted by Anna Pala Yabikur

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