Continental News will reward Copa do Brasil’s best defensive players with NFT – Revista Live Marketing

Continental News will reward Copa do Brasil’s best defensive players with NFT – Revista Live Marketing

Continental, a German technology tire maker and sponsor of the Copa Intelbras do Brasil, will take to the field on June 1 to reward the best defensive player of each stage with an abbreviated form of NFT from the end of the third round of the competition. Non-Functional Token “, in English, from Tokenized Cartoon.

The idea is to create a digital record and turn it into something unique, collectible and valuable. In a simplified way, it is about registering an image through encryption, authenticating it and thus allowing it to be discussed. NFT and digital assets are among the top ten trends in the sports industry, according to Consultancy Price Waterhouse Coopers’ (PWC) Sports Outlook 2022 report. Continental’s NFT will be a symbol of achieving a unique and exclusive digital trophy.

The goal of the Continental Tier Defensive Player is to identify the athlete who has given his team greater security, thus contributing to his team’s progress in the Copa Intelbras du Brasil, the country’s most democratic football competition. Five players will be awarded until the grand final in October this year.

“Security is one of the pillars of the Continental brand and we want to connect these two worlds: with automated security players. We’ve been sponsors of the Copa do Brasil for seven years and we challenge ourselves to innovate in our activation project every year. It’s important because we want to.” That our sponsorship should be visible beyond the lawn mark. But, of course, this innovation needs to be understandable to the brand and, in addition to being directly connected to the technology, we have something in our DNA that gives the player an exclusive image and the possibility of rewarding in this NFT format is entirely Brazilian. Disruptive in football.

The artist hired to edit the exclusive film is Rodrigo Dowin, a cartoonist who has already worked successfully for Telecine, TNT Sports and Netflix, where he filmed the cartoon for a documentary about Neymar Jr. The NFT Defensive Player Continental tires will be manufactured by StadiumMago, the world’s first FinSportech that has no monetary value.

The choice of continental tire defensive player will be made based on a number of criteria using Clefer Athletes’ performance data, including the one who has tackled the most, the one who has passed the most accurately, the one who has run the most, the goalkeeper who has saved the most. He will send the name of the selected player to the painter who will create the cartoon. This image will be sent to Stadium GO for registration. At the end of each episode, Continental Tire and Copa Intelbras du Brasil will post a special art on their social network to promote the selected player and an example of the NFT he will receive.

Gustavo Andrad, marketing manager for Clifford, commented on another joint venture between the companies: “In addition to discussing the sustainability of NFTs market as a financial asset, we are using technology envisioned by its creators: an exclusive job to ensure unique and exclusive ownership of award-winning players.” Works of art with certificates of ownership registered on the blockchain. If 1 or 10 years from now this item becomes something enticing and valuable, it is up to the player to decide what to do. It’s not a speculative asset, it’s a gift from the Copa Intelbras du Brasil and Continental News in recognition of the athlete’s performance – and that’s what gives the token its true value. It’s an act that crowned a long-term partnership between Clifford and Continental, especially when it comes to sponsorship activation and fan experience. The combination of companies always innovating in these activities adds value not only to the sponsorship but also to the competition.

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