Cristiano Ronaldo has been charged with violence

Cristiano Ronaldo has been charged with violence

U.S. judge Jennifer Dorsey from a Las Vegas court, A case of rape of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was sent to court on Friday. Sky News. This process required an additional payment, which could amount to millions of dollars.

According to Dorsey, the lawsuit was filed by model’s lawyer Catherine Mayorga for using “inappropriate documents.”

On Friday, the judge wrote in a 42-page report that filing the case without giving the case a chance to reopen the case was “a severe punishment”, but that the lawyer’s behavior had hurt Cristiano Ronaldo.

“The continued use of these documents was malicious” and claimed that the criticism of Majorga’s lawyer was insufficient because their content was used to develop the basis for the complaint and he therefore decided to impose “severe penalties”. Judge Jennifer Dorsey reported

Catherine Mayorga, the woman who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of raping her in 2009, has demanded that the footballer pay 56 million pounds, the equivalent of more than 64 million euros, in compensation for the “pain and suffering” she caused.

As reported by the British newspaper mirror, Court documents show the former model is suing after accusing a football player of sexually assaulting her in a Las Vegas hotel after meeting the star on the night of 2009.

Major wanted to £ 18 million for “past pain and suffering”, another £ 18 million for “future pain and suffering” and another £ 18 million for “punishment damage”“, which is £ 54m. With the legal costs of the player and the fees of the lawyers £ 2.5m, the total amount is £ 56.5m.

The 36-year-old Ronaldo categorically denies Majorga’s allegations.

Similarly, in 2021, in a 23-page report to Judge Jennifer Dorsey, also quoted by the AP, Magistrate Daniel Albregts, who recommended the raffle, wrote: “The rejection of the Mayorga case for the misconduct of his lawyer is a difficult consequence.” .

“But, unfortunately, this is the only appropriate punishment that guarantees the integrity of the trial,” he said, adding that “Stowall has acted badly to the detriment of his client and his profession.”

Albregts said in a report that the court had not ruled on Ronaldo’s crime and found no evidence that his lawyers had “harassed Majorga or obstructed law enforcement” when the former model dropped the criminal charges and accepted. . in August 2010.

The news of the financial deal was published by the German newspaper Der Spiegel in an article titled “The Secret of Cristiano Ronaldo” in 2017 based on documents obtained on the digital platform “Football Leaks”.

For Daniel Albregts, the news published by Der Spiegel made it clear that “these documents include a privileged communication (…) between Ronaldo’s lawyers in Europe and North America.”

The judge found that Stowall had “acted with malice in requesting, obtaining and using the Football Soccer documents to prosecute Majorga.”

In the lawsuit, Albregts also denied Stowall’s argument that the use of the documents was justified because the lawyer had stolen them and he could not prove that they had been stolen.

The judge recommended in his report that the judge also dismiss Stowall’s claim that because Majorga had learning difficulties as a child and was under pressure from Ronaldo’s representatives, he was mentally incapable of signing a confidentiality agreement in 2010.

For Albregts, “Majorga’s case against Ronaldo would not have been possible if Stovall had not demanded ‘Football Football’ documents’ and Majorga’s knowledge of the content of the documents would not have been restored, the judge said last year.

The 9th U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled earlier this year that Jennifer Dorsey’s verdict in the case would be.


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