Cross-play between Steam and Epic has been released; check for details!

Cross-play between Steam and Epic has been released; check for details!

And today (21) cross game Between Steam and Epic. This is thanks to the introduction of a tool that will allow developers to connect the two platforms in a simple and functional way.This action was mainly launched by fall guy Free, except the game finally arrives Nintendo switch and Xbox series consoles, One and Series S|X.

Cross-play between Steam and Epic

In the past, it was impossible for players from both stores to play together, even if the players had the same game, such as Fall Guys itself. But now, after a long wait, Epic Games has released a new tool that has finally put that hurdle behind.

Developers will be able to establish connections between games across the two stores in a simplified way, such as syncing friend lists and more. That’s not the case for consoles and mobile players, however, but Epic promises it’s already working on a solution and an update will be released soon.

Crossplay gives friends a chance to come together and create fond memories through interactive experiences. We are privileged to lead the industry with cross-play tools for all developers, and we believe that connecting friends and communities will lead the gaming industry to its next big boom with billions of players.

Simon IslaySenior Director of Online Services at Epic.

fall man success

Images from three characters from Fall Guys, whose servers have crashed, and now a cross-play between Steam and Epic has been released.
Fall Guys has been a real success since its release and is now free to use on all platforms. (Image: Epic Games)

As mentioned above, Fall Guys is finally available for all platforms: Plaka, game console 4 and 5home game console Xbox This is Nintendo switch, but now it’s free. The launch was so successful that the server couldn’t take the pressure and went offline.

A post on the game’s official Twitter says they baked a cake to celebrate the launch, but unfortunately it crashed on the servers. Check:

from now on, fall guy will be available for Plaka specifically in epic storewho has passed steam Normal access will continue. Anyone curious about the new development tools that make this work possible can watch Epic’s video in English:

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