Dipper Network wins Silver at Web3 Pitch Fest in Consensus 2022

Dipper Network wins Silver at Web3 Pitch Fest in Consensus 2022

Austin, TX – The Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) and CoinDesk have joined forces to launch the Global Web 3 Pitch Fest, opening in June 2022 as part of the Consensus Festival. The Consensus Festival has been the most influential crypto and blockchain event of the year since 2015. The goal of this first-of-its-kind global competition is to provide a platform for widely innovative Web 3 projects and communities worldwide.

Dipper Network wins Silver at Web3 Pitch Fest in Consensus 2022

On June 11, 2022, a total of 8 teams were selected as finalists for the Web3 Pitch Fest to pitch at the Consensus Festival. Deep networks lit up the pitch competition, with CEO Cheryl Liu taking charge and presenting the acclaimed industry leader Bill Tai, Meltem Demirros, Rumi Morales and Frances Ho, who operated on their interrogation.

After careful review by the judges, Dipper Network won silver in the competition!

Web 3 Pitch Fest finalists (8 teams) to pitch in consensus.

As one of the top three winning teams in the Consensus Final, Deeper Network has received an exclusive invitation to participate in Extreme Tech Challenge (ETC) Web 3 Showcase Day during the ‘Neckers’ event at Richard Branson’s Floor Necker Island event in the Caribbean on August 5th. 2022. Dipper Network Web 3 on Necker Island will pitch and network with global leaders across the crypto and blockchain industries. On top of that, Neckarvers consists of meeting with investors and greetings, consultations and workshops and opportunities to pitch Virgin Impact teams and other heavyweight investors worldwide.

“We are incredibly honored to have the opportunity to show the world what Dipper Network is creating and what it is creating, and we will continue to be the cornerstone of Web3,” CEO Sheryl Liu said of the competition. He added, “Our team looks forward to the opportunities that Neckarvers Deeper Network presents to us and our global community.”

Dipper Network was a sponsor in Consensus and also had a booth at the main exhibition hall. The overall Deeper Network has sold more than a thousand Deeper Connect devices to Consensus participants with B2B for more than $ 2 million. Each device acts as a decentralized private network node, meaning more than a thousand nodes have been added to the network over the weekend, bringing the total to over 70,000 and growing daily around the world. The exemplary performance of Dipper Network in Consensus 2022 has brought discussion and more opportunities for the near future.

Deeper Network CEO, Cheryl Liu, and CMO, Eric Ma received the award and received an exclusive invitation to participate in Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Web 3 Showcase Day..

The Deeper Network was founded in Silicon Valley in 2019 to use blockchain technology to empower billions of Internet users, representing the world’s first decentralized blockchain network towards creating truly private, secure and fair Internet. The user-centric core of Deeper Network continues to strengthen its products, value-added services and network. Dipper believes that there is an eternal foundation behind the rise and development of the Web1.0, Web2.0 and Web3.0 eras. Dipper’s unique and powerful hardware – enables Dipper Connect, enterprise-level cybersecurity, decentralized VPN (DPN), privacy protection, blockchain mining and other valuable features. These features can seamlessly transfer billions of users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 Already distributing more than 68,000 nodes worldwide, Dipper is not only a Web 3.0 infrastructure, but also an accessible gateway for all to join the future of the Internet.

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