Do you own an Apple smartphone?So, look at the advantages of iOS 16 that have been revealed

Do you own an Apple smartphone?So, look at the advantages of iOS 16 that have been revealed

iOS 16 Getting closer to becoming a reality for all operating system apple Will be full of news to further improve the usability of the device.

Do you own an Apple smartphone?So, look at the advantages of iOS 16 that have been revealed
Apple announces iOS 16 Advantage; meet. (Image: Unsplash)

New expressions for users

one of the resources that will be a part of iOS 16, Stand out as an advantage announced by Apple. It’s just about being able to roll out new features that depend on a lot of people using them and drive new users to adopt them.

It is important to state that it is not a resource that can be created, but is iOS 16 Give apple. To understand exactly, remember the obvious, bulk buying of the iPhone, which has become the best-selling smartphone in the world.

automatically, iOS is the most engaged system on the same platform.although android There are also many options available, and there are few ideal devices whose quality stands out.

related news

An example is when Google start a function android Adhesion in the expected mass. In this case, Android’s allocation strategy and individualistic nature mean that resources cannot enter cultural awareness the way Android resources do. apple.

This company Also announced some important features that should come iPhone soon, like Pay later with Apple Pay and the latest update from walletin addition to play the institutional support of command.

The novelties are varied and broad.Now, I just want to say iOS 16 To be released by Apple in October 2022.

While many features appear drab and outdated in terms of user experience android, to others, they will be useless.However, connoisseurs iPhone There will be an opportunity to embrace new features, no matter how simple they may seem.

Apple iOS 16 Highlights

according to applea series of other improvements the company has released will also be included in the iOS 16. An example is live textwhich translates text in real-time, and share playwhich allows users to listen to music, watch movies, videos and series with friends.

For better understanding, live text similar to google lenscurrently being updated to read text on video as well as still images.

SharePlay, on the other hand, is now available in all apps with FaceTime access.See the features highlighted below Apple’s iOS 16.

  • message: Users will be able to edit recently sent messages, restore recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread so they can come back later;
  • Focus Mode Improvements: The ability to block notifications at important times now allows for greater customization, and even the ability to receive specific wallpapers, in addition to choosing which notifications are important in emails, messages, calendars, etc.;
  • Apple Pay later: Apple’s payment service now supports installment payments. Payments can be made every 15 days for a maximum period of six weeks;
  • Sports news in the news: The news tool now displays sports news from the user’s favorite leagues and teams. Information displayed includes leaderboards, match times and tournament standings;
  • Dictation improvements: The app offers a new device experience that allows users to switch seamlessly between voice and touch. Users can use the keyboard to type, tap text fields, move the cursor, and enter QuickType suggestions, all without interrupting dictation. Additionally, Dictation features automatic punctuation and emoji dictation;
  • iCloud Photo Sharing: For families, this feature allows the creation of folders to create large collective libraries of photos.

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