EDNS EDNS announces beta release of messages, integrating mobile messaging on Web 3.0, Business News

EDNS EDNS announces beta release of messages, integrating mobile messaging on Web 3.0, Business News

Singapore, June 14, 2022 / PRNewswire / – EDNS proudly announces the beta release of EDNS Messages, a feature at the top of the EDNS platform that integrates mobile messaging into Web 3.0 technology. This feature is the first in the blockchain market to connect Web 3.0 with traditional telecom services as a way to secure the security of digital asset transactions.

EDNS Message Beta Ver Published 6
EDNS Message Beta Ver Published 6

EDNS is an EVM-based blockchain solution for name and lookup services. This allows blockchain users to translate their machine-readable addresses into human-readable addresses. It provides a decentralized domain naming service for Web3.0-related needs, including digital wallet, web hosting, Web 3.0 ID in the digital world. Furthermore, to serve a wider range of users, EDNS will expand to support more blockchain and eventually become a multichan platform.

The current problem we are facing

Digital wallets on the market only allow peer-to-peer transactions based on anonymous public addresses, Users Can’t say who started it or who received it. You can’t They Contact the recipient of that transaction.

Now that’s where EDNS comes in.

EDNS is resolved here with the EDNS message

EDNS platform powered by EDNS, which allows users to create a universal nickname for all their public addresses and decentralized websites, launched April 12, 2022. With the ambition to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, EDNS has achieved several milestones, including the success of rolling out a beta release of EDNS messages.

As the first of its kind in Web3.0 space, EDNS messaging brings a unique feature that makes domain-to-mobile communication true, bringing telecommunications back to contemporary Web 3.0. This function is convenient and secure so that users can now send messages to each other freely within the EDNS network through their registered domain and phone number.

Use case: two-factor authentication

EDNS messaging addresses the problem hidden in existing decentralized solutions – the wallet fails to determine the identity of the transaction recipient, which can easily lead to incorrect transactions or even the theft of funds. With your phone number associated with the system, EDNS messages can secure wallet access and transaction confirmation by verifying the messages received by the user as a two-factor authentication measure.

EDNS message public test

EDNS EDNS has recently launched a public test campaign to encourage users to try out this function. Interested users can now follow EDNS’s official channels for more information

Meanwhile, EDNS CEO Mr. Joey Lam Expressing his excitement about the EDNS Message beta release, he said, “The EDNS team is especially fortunate to be able to help the world match the latest technology with Web 3.0 Horizons.” Including Web 3.0 “

What’s next in EDNS?

EDNS has more features in the pipeline that will significantly improve web security and digital asset protection in order to realize the goal of bringing to market the best-decentralized scaling solution for Web 3.0 on the domain frontier. EDNS will also provide decentralized storage, decentralized web hosting and web building services that propel Web 2.0 to a truly decentralized future.

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