Education provides a public announcement that will honor Augusto do Anjos – Government of Paraíba

Education provides a public announcement that will honor Augusto do Anjos – Government of Paraíba

The Government of the State, through the Secretary of State for Education and Science and Technology, published this Tuesday (14), the public announcement for the Festival of Art and Culture at School – Arte em Cena 2022 , whose theme will be ‘August Present: Avatars. of yourself in the Creative Metaverse ’. The public notice was published in the Official State Gazette (DOE), and is also available at Schools can apply from July 3 to 10 using the form available at

The Festival presents hybrid and remote activities, on digital platforms, with a concession for tutor teachers. In this edition, the Festival will honor the life and work of the poet Augusto dos Anjos da Paraíba, with the guiding theme: “Augusto Presente: Avatars Do Eu no Metaverso Criativo”. The program included another mode and so the theme will be developed in seven artistic languages: Visual Arts, Dance, Literature, Music, Audiovisual Production, Theater and Photography.

The action developed by SEECT, in partnership with the Foundation for Research Support (Fapesq), aims to encourage access to various events in the field of art, in addition to its routine practice. unit school belonging to the State Education Network, strengthening cultural and emotional ties with local and national artistic production.

All schools in the Paraíba State Education Network offering 8th and 9th grades of the Final Years of Elementary and High School, Cycles IV, V and VI of Youth and Adult Education (EJA) may participate in the Festival . This year, Socio-educational Schools and institutions offering Prison Education may also participate.

Hybrid activities will be held in schools offering the Final Years of Elementary School and High School, while for the EJA mode and Socioeducational Schools, the festival activities will be distance, on digital platforms.

To improve the actions developed for the purpose of the festival, during the execution of the Regional and State Stages, grants will be awarded in the amount of R $ 600.00 to the Tutor Teachers of the seven proposals selected in the 14 Regional Management of Education . . , for a period of five months

Phases: The festival is shaped by a set of educational and cultural experiences and competitive performances, involving students and teachers from the State Education Network. It will be carried out in three stages: School, Regional and State.

The first will be carried out in each registered school unit, the second will be developed by the Regional Directorates of Education to which the schools are linked, culminating in the third stage, of a state nature.

Activities developed by students in each of the artistic languages ​​in the teaching units must be accompanied by a Tutor, and a teacher may not accompany more than one activity. This restriction also applies to the student, who cannot participate in more than one artistic language.

school internship – The School Stage corresponds to the activities developed in the context of each teaching unit enrolled in the Festival and is of a qualifying nature. Schools are allowed to organize a school festival to promote and select their representatives in each artistic language. As a final product of the School Stage, each teaching unit must systematize a single school project and a production with the artistic language.

regional internship – The Regional Stage corresponds to the activities developed by each of the 14 Regional Directorates (GRE). It is of a qualifying and eliminatory nature, which corresponds to the selection of one work per artistic language of each GRE, thus totaling up to 16 works representing each GRE in the state stage.

State scene – The State Stage corresponds to the activities carried out in consideration of the integration and interaction of all activities carried out by the productions selected by the 14 Regional Directorates of Education and will take place at a distance. The State Commission shall use digital or other tools to ensure universal access to the festival for participants. In part the tributes to Augusto dos Anjos, the three phases of the State Scene will be named according to the universe of his biography and work, namely: Avatar, I and Metaverse.

O Avatar means the virtual, conceptual and immortalizable representation of a biological individual. This projection can be more poetic and fictitious or more mirrored biographically, configuring, in the same way, a projective and virtual representative, an avatar; I, a work by Augusto dos Anjos published during his lifetime, is the intersection of 58 poems, which summarizes the most unique poetic expression of Brazilian literature; Metaverse is a concept that refers to the parallel reality that takes place in an online virtual world, in which space it is possible to project avatars, interact, live together, create, based on the idea of ​​virtual reality. The avatars of the ego in the creative metaverse are thus the rebirth of the Augustinian ego projected by the art of students into a multifaceted virtual universe.

In the Avatar phase, the Evaluation Committee will evaluate all the productions of the Regional Phase, selecting five works per artistic language, for a total of 35 productions. The second (qualifying) phase, called Eu, corresponds to the public’s choice, via Instagram (@arteemcenaoficialpb), of two finalist productions by artistic language. Of the 35 published proposals, 14 will be classified for the final stage.

The third and final phase (elimination), called metaversu, corresponds to the closing of the festival ‘Augusto Presente: Avatars of the Self in the Creative Metaverse’, in which the winning productions will be chosen by popular vote. The Metaverse phase will be broadcast live on a platform to be released on the official Arte em Cena and / or SEECT channels.

The two finalists for each artistic language will be revealed during the live stream.

EJA – the party ‘August Present: Avatars of the Self in Creative Metaverse – Eja Em Cena’ will be developed remotely, so as not to have an impact on the school routine, respecting the workload governing EJA.

Socio-educational schools – Am I eligible to participate in the festival? Augusto Presente: Avatars of the Self in Creative Metaverse – Arte Que Liberta ‘all schools that integrate the teaching modality entitled Education of Youth and Adults (EJA), working with the public of Education in Prison of the Paraíba State Education Network, which offers Cycles IV, V and VI of Youth and Adult Education, being contemplated with two artistic languages, namely: Visual Arts and Literature. The activities will be developed in partnership with the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (Seap) and Fapesq / PB.

Awards – All participants of the State Stage will be awarded the Artistic Production Development Certification. Students approved for the festival’s State Stage will win a 20-hour course on the artistic language in which they are enrolled. All students of the 16 winning proposals in the State Stage of the festival will receive a smartphone, a participation medal (Tamarindo de Ouro) and a state champion certificate. All schools of the 16 winning works of the festival will receive a trophy.

Access the link to ask questions and get information and guidance documents for each mode.

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