Enzo Fernández: Francescoli’s quick-witted “successor”

Enzo Fernández: Francescoli’s quick-witted “successor”

With Enzo Fernández you usually do not waste time in vain.

At least Benfica have a deal with River Plate when it comes to assessing the quality of the 21-year-old Argentine midfielder, which he announced on Thursday.

The boy, who started playing for La Recova in San Martin, Buenos Aires, was discovered by Pablo Esquivel, a talent scout who faced Enzo’s team when he was five, and immediately warned River Plate that he had a diamond. rough.

He would then persuade Enzo’s parents to allow their sons to move to the Argentine giant soon. To the parents and to Esquivel, the child himself “who just wants to play with the kids in his neighborhood.”

However, the appeal was strong. After all, Enzo was the club that the heart of that humble family of five called him. The boy who “inherited” the name Enzo “El Principe” is Francescoli, the idol of the father of Benfica Armature, who shines in the form of Millonarios.

The truth is that things were going well on River Plate until the boy, Enzo, went from small school to beginner.

Then the boy from San Martin began to feel some difficulties. For two years, he played less and was sometimes not even called up to leave River Plate.

At this stage, Esquivel’s friendship was once again important, and it helped him stay at the club he loved and fight for his place.

The bet did not take long. He started to excel at the age of 16 and after a while started working with a replacement team, one step away from the main team, at the age of only 17.

Enchanted for 45 minutes muñeco Gallardo

In the main team, Enzo had someone with unparalleled experience in discovering and using talent in the main team.

Marcelo muñeco Gallardo, River Plate’s most titled coach and co-founder, has trained more than 40 youngsters at the club over the past nine years.

As he did with Esquivel in the fifth, Enzo Fernández quickly caught Gallardo’s attention.

In January 2019, the first 45 minutes of training with the main team handed over the coach and forced the 18-year-old to take him to the bench for the game Libertadores.

Just a year after his debut, he also faced Liga de Quito at the Libertadores.

However, the coach was pleased with the young man’s qualities and recommended that he be hired so that he could play in a better form and not interrupt his evolution.

“Gallardo called me and said he was likely to get an appointment. He explained to me that it would be good to gain experience and confidence in the First Division, and I never doubted that he was right.

Satisfied with Gallardo’s words, Enzo went to Defensa and Justicia. Surprisingly, they defeated Palmeiras de Abel to win the Copa Sudamericana in 2020 under the command of Crespo and Recopa, a kind of South American Super Cup.

At a club on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, young Enzo did not take long to introduce himself and took a prominent place in midfield. He played more than 30 games a year, scoring one goal and making two assists.

That same year, it was enough for Gallardo to demand the return of the player, who had been on loan for a year and a half. River was able to negotiate the early completion of the loan by sending another young player to Defensa y Justicia.

Enzo returned to River Plate and was a regular in the Millionarios squad, and although he did not make his debut, he was called up to the Argentine national team just four months later.

Less than a year after taking a loan from Defensa y Justicia and returning home, Enzo Fernández is preparing for another leap. Now he is going to Europe. On the way to Benfica.

Enzo played less than 50 games for River Plate’s main team that year. 48, or rather.

In December, the beginning of the season in South America, Enzo’s talent exploded. The midfielder scored 10 goals and 6 assists in 25 games.

Will Benfica reassure fans at first glance?


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