Forza Motorsport: Microsoft Shows Game Trailer, Confirms 2023 Launch

Forza Motorsport: Microsoft Shows Game Trailer, Confirms 2023 Launch

The game will be released for Xbox, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming in the second quarter of next year

This Microsoft The first trailer for the franchise’s next game was announced today (12) Forzathe game is developed by the studio turn 10 it will appear on consoles Xbox, PC and xCloud Q2 2023. The company says the game will use state-of-the-art technology to deliver realistic physics and state-of-the-art graphics, ray tracing.

according to Chris IsaacA generation, Creative Director of Turn 10 Studioall tracks for the new game were developed from scratch to be able to enjoy all the processing power found in the game Xbox SeriesS|X.

Esaki Also praised for the damage to the vehicles, which will feature extremely tiny details: “In Forza Motorsport, car damage is reproduced to a single scratch on the body. There are new simulated details in the direction of damage, such as peeling paint on exposed and raised edges, wheel wear and dirt buildup. Car damage is a racing reality, And it’s real in the new Forza Motorsport.”

Check out the first trailer below Forza.

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Check out published game demos.

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The physics used for day and night control have also been improved to be more realistic about changes in track temperature and how it affects the vehicle during the race. q

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This Microsoft The new game’s physics improvements are claimed to be 48x in simulation fidelity, details like tire and fuel management, various tire compounds and detailed new car builds will make the player experience even better.

In the trailer we can see the first pictures of the circuit Maple Valley, Spa-Francorchamps, Laguna Seca, Kearamy Grand Prix and Hakone.○ ray tracing Will appear in the franchise’s games with unprecedented detail.

Forza Developed by the studio turn 10 It will be released in the second quarter of will be released Xbox and Plaka and will be provided free of charge Xbox Game Pass not PC Game Pass on launch day.

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All PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch game versions as of June 2022

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