FPF AG decides on championship titles: know what the reviews say

FPF AG decides on championship titles: know what the reviews say

The General Assembly of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) will discuss two opinions of the FPF on national titles on the 29th.

Basically, the period between 1921-22 and 1933-34 is in question, taking into account the correspondence on various pieces of evidence that existed at that time. At that time, there was only one Portuguese Championship, a competition played in the qualifying round.

Between 1934-35 and 1937-38, Campeonato das Ligas, the predecessor of the National Championship established in 1938-39, which maintained the existence of the same Portuguese Championship in the qualifying rounds, was played.

The issue was raised by former Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho, who defended Sporting’s claim that he had won four more national titles.

The Portuguese Football Federation asked for two opinions more football Now he has a performance, and the results are completely different, because one significantly changes the schedule of national champions, and the other only changes the owners of the Portuguese Cups.

See the results of the following two reviews.

Results of Opinion 1 by Amandio JM Barros, Manuel A. Janeira, Ricardo C. Pereira and Silvia AC Alves.

The winners of the Campeonato de Portugal between 1921-22 and 1933-34 should be considered national champions.

The 60-page study concludes that “leaving the list of winners as they are is essentially forgetting the first long years of the competition and their experience in the country with a growing legion of fans.”

In this sense, the idea is that the titles of national champion should be given to FC Porto (3), Belenenses (3), Sporting (2), Benfica (2), Olhanense, Maritimo and Carcavelinhos.

The same idea can be considered the predecessor of the Portuguese Cup, Campeonato de Portugal, with the creation of the Campeonato das Ligas, two national competitions, only from the 1934-35 season.

This will add two Portuguese Cups to Sporting’s history, one for Benfica and one for FC Porto.

Opinion 2, developed by Francisco Pinheiro, is more conservative in its conclusions.

In this 532-page study, the Portuguese national team is considered the predecessor of the Tacha de Portugal, while the Campeonato das Ligas is the predecessor of the national championship, ie the schedule of national champions remains unchanged and the changes are only the history of the Portuguese Cup.

In this sense, the biggest changes will be in the history of Sporting and FC Porto, each of which will win four more Portuguese trophies (21 and 22, respectively).

Three more from Benfica (29 in total), like Belenenses (there will be six).

And still, according to this opinion, Olhanense, Marítimo and Carcavelinhos are now among the winners of the Portuguese Cup, all with one victory.

The decision on which of the opinions will be approved will be put to a vote on June 29.


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