Futsal: After finishing her career, Bebé devotes herself to her mother’s restaurant

Futsal: After finishing her career, Bebé devotes herself to her mother’s restaurant

European and world futsal champion Bebé has ended her career at the age of 39 and will now dedicate herself to running her mother’s restaurant, but leaving the door open to return to futsal in the medium or long term, but in other roles.

“First of all, the restaurant is something I want to dedicate myself to, because my mother is old – 73 years old – and she is preparing to leave the restaurant. I have to organize things and for this moment I will dedicate myself to the restaurant and spend more time. Take the opportunity to spend time with my family and my three children, who have been deprived of me for a long time, ”the former goalkeeper said in an interview with Lusa.

Euclides Vaz, better known as Bebé, has ended a long career full of twenty years of achievements as one of the most titled players in Portuguese futsal so far, but he will continue to wear the restaurant shirt he appears to have. In an interview at the Leões de Porto Salvo pavilion in Oeiras.

“I will be out for a while,” he said. [do futsal]but if there is an invitation for a project that I can help develop modality, and it is good for me and the institution that invited me, I will not look back and accept it, “he said.

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of its founding a few days ago, Bebe helped her mother realize her dream of owning a restaurant from the beginning, reconciling her leadership with training and games in Leões de Porto Salvo, where she stayed for five years. , after eleven years in the service of Benfica, which added dozens of trophies to the list.

“It simply came to our notice then. I am proud to say that I managed to win. They are completely different realities. The main purpose of lions is to educate. It was a big change in sports life, even in terms of mentality. My goal was to help the Lions grow and give them some mental clicks. Looking back, I believe I helped the Lions take this step. ”

However, he recalled that his first six months at the club were perhaps the most difficult period of his career, although he remembers the scaphoid injury that left him out for eight months in 2009 and almost a few moments at Benfica. minutes.

“It was a big test, I went through difficult times, but five years later I won a great battle. The defendant even said at the time that I was depressed, half joking, half serious. After all this time, I was able to go back and leave with a sense of success, “said the European and world champion.

These titles, “the most important in his career,” were already won by Leões de Porto Salvo, at a time when many thought they were over after leaving Benfica and in a more professional context of the sport, although he gave the Portuguese experience to the confidence of Voter Jorge Braz will do.

“It was funny, because it was the best title I’ve ever won, with the exception of the Champions League [pelo Benfica]they were already here [em Porto Salvo]. Some of my friends told me that I should win everything, I have already won, I will not win anymore. The chances were very high, but fortunately I won these very special titles in the service of my country, with fantastic athletes, coaches and the environment, “he said.

Bebe, who played 136 games for the Portuguese national team, won the European Championship (2018), the World Cup (2021) and the Champions League (2010), as well as seven championships, eight Super Cups and six Portuguese Cups, as well as Sporting, Castelo and Os Económicos. , the place where he started ‘leões’ and Sacavenense after finishing football.


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