Google’s new support tool has a big impact on users every day

Google’s new support tool has a big impact on users every day

Google Constantly updated to improve user experience. The platform creates various tools to meet specific needs. Options such as GBoard, Emoji Kitchen, and some assistive tools are recent ample examples.

Google’s new support tool has a big impact on users every day
A new Google update brings improvements to support tools; see which. (Image: Freepik)

Google Update Summary

GBoard will be enhanced with new text stickers, while Emoji Kitchen will get new combinations. Accessibility tools, on the other hand, will be supported by resources for people with hearing and vision problems. Follow the details below!

GBboard (keyboard)

plate(android and iOS) is a dedicated virtual keyboard application Google. Through the app, you can use tools such as voice and gesture input, handwriting, simultaneous interpretation, keyboard extensions, and even support for multilingual input. In this way, Google’s virtual keyboard provides its users with a set of tools that can improve their writing and typing experience on their phones.

Additionally, Gboard is a component of the application suite Google Installed by default on Android devices, it can replace the virtual keyboard pre-installed on your phone. The app also has a version for iOS devices.

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With the new changes, the tool will allow users to turn text into images with personalized text stickers. Currently, the feature is only available on Pixel phones, but it will be rolling out to all GBoard users soon, initially in English.

Google’s Emoji Kitchen

One of Gboard’s most interesting features is the Emoji Kitchen, colloquially known as the “emoji mixer.” The feature was born in February 2020, and since then it has frequently received new variants that provide more expressive space for chats in various apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger or Telegram.

To mix stickers on Gboard, enter a messaging app or social network, access the emoji tray on the button denoted by the “😊” symbol at the bottom of the keyboard, and select Stickers.

If it’s available for mixing, the option will be highlighted at the top of the keyboard. To mix, just select another sticker to mix.

In this tool, Google Decided to add a new emoji mashup. From now on, there will be over 1,600 combinations to choose from. In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, new rainbow figurines will be included in the Emoji Kitchen.


Finally, on Google’s accessibility side, the “Amplifier” tool can now amplify or filter ambient sounds as needed by people with hearing loss. The update even offers improved background noise reduction.

With the update, Google’s Lookout – Assistive Vision app will offer image modes to give people with low or no vision a better understanding of the world around them. The app uses machine learning to create image descriptions and read them to the user, and can be opened in any app. In another very useful addition, Lookout is now available offline.

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