How Cancelo saved a ten-year-old autistic child at a party – Observer

How Cancelo saved a ten-year-old autistic child at a party – Observer

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João Cancelo On May 22, when all the decisions were made in the Premier League, all the attention was on the many moods of a team, a club and a legion of supporters at the Etihad Stadium, hosted by Manchester City. Aston Villa won another title.

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The Portuguese immediately began to motivate, saw the anxiety prevail after the first goal of the Birmingham team, Coutinho was on the verge of despair when the score was 2-0, he was euphoric about the return with three goals in less than six minutes. shining after the final whistle and confirmation of the fourth Championship in five years citizens. Then there were a few different moments at the party, From Zinchenko’s consolation to photos with compatriots Ruben Diaz and Bernardo Silva, from ordinary pictures with a trophy in his hand or jokes on the stage dedicated to Grealish.

Despite this, this story did not end there. And the other story of the party is now known by the voice of Lauren Hoyle, the mother of Ollie Gordon, a ten-year-old autistic supporter who was rescued by the Portuguese at the party.


“Ollie started running [no final do jogo]. He has autism and has no idea about the dangers, so he got excited and started running. He often goes to the stadium with his father. I watched the game on TV and saw Lee [o pai] running in the field, but I did not see Ollie. I panicked. As you can see in the videos, the goalkeeper of Aston Villa was hit a few centimeters from the side. It scared him a little and he saw Cancelo and ran to him. “

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“Then Cancelo lifted him to his feet and hugged him. He kissed her forehead and pushed people. It happened very quickly, but people pushed each other. My son was terrified. You can’t be alone, you have to be controlled. If it weren’t for Chancellor, who not only hugged him, but stayed with him until his father came, It could have been a completely different story. The man should have been applauded for the title, but instead decided to stop and take care of a little boy. They were pushing him and waiting for him to try to leave the field. But no, he stopped completely to help a child who had nothing to do with it. He probably doesn’t see it as a big deal, but otherwise he would be crushed. “

“He was your second favorite player, and now he’s definitely your first. No words to say thank you. He probably doesn’t know how important that is. Even Ollie says, “I could have died that day.” True, I could have died. He had no chance when he looked at the people around him. From the bottom of our hearts, there is no word to thank you for what you have done. I can’t imagine what could happen. He kissed her forehead and calmed her. Like a mother who can’t do anything about 1000 kilometers away … My heart stopped when I saw her father running outside. His father said the same thing: “How do you find a child who is a little over four feet in the middle of the big boys running away?” Everything stopped for a minute. As he stretched out his arms to go to his father, Cancelo pushed a boy. After that, he came into his life, we did not have the opportunity to thank him, to express our gratitude for what he saw. We are such a fast-paced country that we turn to newspapers to complain about everything, but we never emphasize good things. We need to recognize such actions, “said Lauren Hoyle.

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