how it works and which essential oils

how it works and which essential oils

aromatherapy for depression

aromatherapy for depression

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Did you know that it is possible to use aromatherapy for depression? Essential oils are an affordable and powerful remedy that can improve the symptoms of those struggling with the disease.

Symptoms of depression, in general, are low mood and energy, mood swings and irritability. And there are physical symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, lack of appetite, tachycardia, body aches, and even menstrual disorders in women.

Depression also brings fear that is very present in people’s daily lives, at the end of walking side by side with it, in the daily lives of those who suffer from it.

Integrative practices, which include Aromatherapy (what it is and how it works, find out here), can help alleviate some symptoms. Bearing in mind that whenever necessary it is important to seek medical help and a psychologist to monitor, because multidisciplinary work makes a difference.

Aromatherapy for depression: how it works

Aromatherapy used essential oilswhich are extracted from plants, flowers, fruits and are 100% natural, can alleviate the side effects of medications, in addition to bringing some therapeutic benefits to these conditions.

There are several types of depression and the causes are very different, so the goal here is to look at a person in a holistic way and understand where it all started.

Anxiety, which also affects many people, can be fought with other essential oils. Here are some of them to use in aromatherapy for anxiety!

Here’s how some essential oils can help with depression.

Geranium essential oil: relieves anxiety and fears, acts on apathy, gives energy, very striking aromas, can be used together with citrus or wood, always used in low concentration.

A phrase that encodes a geranium: “I feel I will not succeed, I have no courage, I lack energy.”

Rose essential oil: It is one of the best oils for treating depression, this oil acts on our heart chakra, helps with feelings of sadness and apathy, especially in depression caused by the loss of loved ones and postpartum depression.

A phrase that encodes a rose: “I feel sad and upset, my chest hurts and I don’t deserve anything in this life.”

Palmarose essential oil: it calms the mind and helps us to be more flexible, it helps in mental creativity. Palmarosa brings inner peace and a feeling of lightness.

A phrase that encodes palmaros: “I do not find peace, nothing is good, I am charged too much, I cannot produce anything”

Mandarin essential oil: helps those who suffer from insomnia in depression, calms the mind, helps to have a peaceful night’s sleep and also controls irritability.

A phrase that encodes a mandarin: “I don’t relax and I can’t sleep, I think too much, everything annoys me on a daily basis.”

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil (May Chang): It has a calming effect, restores balance, helps with anxiety, depression and nervous irritation. It is a very strong oil, which should always be used in low concentration and carefully.

Phrase encoding litsea cubeba: “I get irritated all day, I need more energy and focus for my daily activities”

How to use aromatherapy for depression

The safest way to use essential oils is to inhale them through the scent and absorb them through the skin. Both are very effective and bring significant results.

The shape, amounts, frequency and mixture of oils must always be prescribed aromatherapist (book your appointment online here!)because he will know what is best for each of them.

After all, the fact that they are natural does not mean that they have no contraindications. Do not use without instructions, apply cleanly on the skin and even less make the intake of essential oils indiscriminate.

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