How Milton Nascimento turned a childhood cartoon into an NFT.

How Milton Nascimento turned a childhood cartoon into an NFT.

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Milton Nascimento’s farewell tour will have a new way to connect with fans: NFTs

Singer Milton Nascimento Announces his departure from the stage and accompanies the last international tour called The Last Music Session which will run through Portugal, Switzerland, England and Italy. The project also includes a collection NFT With the benefits and experience associated with fans. As the name of the tour suggests, the collection of non-fungible tokens will serve as a kind of ticket pass that will be collectible as well as give buyers a chance to experience. In total, 400 NFT will be traded. The first farewell ceremony will be held on June 11 at Rio de Janeiro at the Cidade Das Arts For the art of tokens, a hand-drawn design made in Milton’s childhood called “Serra de Três Pontas” will be used.

“This is the first big show in Brazil where only those who have NFT ticket passes can enter. With NFT, the fan has his own box office, he decides what he will do, with tickets, if he goes to events, if he gives to a friend or sells to others. All of this has been done for the benefit of the blockchain, “explained Rafael Pulga, Milton’s tour manager and project creator. “NFT ticket passes allow even those who do not know about NFT to acquire wealth and benefit from it in five minutes. In the PIX payment method, in reais, the algorithm lies and sends the NFT ticket pass directly to the client’s cryptocurrency wallet, “said Ariel Alexander, developer of the NFT ticket protocol.

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NFT Concept, a consultant specializing in blockchain, is one of the creators of this project: “99% of NFTs have forgotten the depths of openness. We’re focused on developing an asset that has a clear value proposition for the end customer, “said Leandro Pontes, the agency’s founder. The artwork for this NFT ticket pass is Milton’s signature work. This print has been with him since childhood, when, while participating in an art activity at school, the little bitcoin played almost fictional features on the paper. One of the MPB’s most famous designs was born, the Serra de Três Pontas, featuring small trains and the sun. Later, in 1976, the design gave birth to the cover of the Geras album. “


Best de trace pontas

Moss, which specializes in Climatech environmental solutions and transacts carbon credits in blockchains, will be responsible for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions generated by NFT ticket pass operations. “In addition to an honor for Moss to take part in such an important moment in the career of this great artist, this symbol of NFT’s popularization movement and the realization of growing environmental concerns by stopping carbon emissions is symbolic.” Fans of the artist should be able to enjoy this tour and its NFT experience, as well as the unique moments given by Milton Nascimento throughout its history, “said Lewis Felipe Adam, founder and CEO of Moss.

According to Felipe Ribbe Vasconcellos, partner of NFT Concept, a startup involved in the project, the case is significant for the so-called Web3 because it has gone out of collection. “The ticket industry suffers from two major problems: counterfeiting and currency exchange. By creating a ticket NFT, we eliminate fraud, because it is possible to verify the authenticity of the token at the root, and through smart contracts we can program to have control and remuneration on the resale of these tickets. It is not only possible to program royalties in the secondary market, but also to program so that tickets are non-transferable, set the maximum resale price, in short, determine the behavior you want to get after the sale. For the first time. Not to mention that there is still this collectible component, after all, the ticket is no longer a QR code and becomes an image of emotional value “, he highlighted.

After all, what is NFT and how to create and sell virtual assets?

The equivalent of BRL 128.1 billion, or US $ 23 billion, is the amount of transactions in the NFT in 2021. The creation and commercialization of non-fungible tokens is growing in popularity and attracting attention. When Neymar pays US $ 6 million for a picture of a monkey, he is only thinking of one of the few steps from creating an NFT to commercializing it. Katarina Papa, a partner at Unblock Capital and an expert on the subject, explained step by step what NFT is, how it can be created and sold, and the impact of tokens on the new digital economy.

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What is NFT?

“This is a unique item. In proper terms – a non-fungible item. In the digital world, we say that this non-fungible item is represented by a token – a non-fungible token or a non-fungible token in English. In other words, NFT is a way to demonstrate ownership over a real-world asset represented by a digital asset or token. NFTs are not declining in the industry, although there has been a big boom due to the attractiveness of the digital industry. Anything can be an NFT: a photo, audio, video, a domain name, a concert ticket, a music album, an in-game digital resource (like a skin). “

How is an NFT created?

“The action that refers to the creation of an NFT is derived from English to Mint. NFT minting is a process that converts a digital file into a blockchain digital asset. It is impossible to change, delete or edit a digital asset registered in the blockchain. One could lie about an NFT. In other words, it is an industry mint that will turn it into a non-fungible token so that it can be bought or sold. “

How is an NFT sold?

“NFTs are traded in marketplaces that act as showcases where investors or collectors leave their tokens open for offers to buy and sell. The most popular are: OpenSea and Rarible. There are many marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFT in-game. ”

Do you have tools for this?

“NFTs are minted and registered in a blockchain. This process is safe, does not depend on trustworthy people, and is irreversible – there is no way to change the past history of a record. If you are an artist and you have digital art, for example, the first thing to do is choose a platform / marketplace to coin your art and publish it there. Until October 2021, it is free to create NFT in popular NFT markets such as OpenSea, Rarible and Mintable. However, there is a fee to list NFT for sale. Once you have chosen Marketplace, you need a wallet to connect to the platform and be able to pay the fee and also get the amount / payment if your NFT is sold. Metamask is the most popular wallet. The process of making an NFT Mint is instantaneous and the step-by-step instructions for submitting your digital file must be provided by NFT Marketplace.

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