“I’m not responsible for Jesus’ departure, there was confusion in Benfica”

“I’m not responsible for Jesus’ departure, there was confusion in Benfica”

Last season, Evanilson played an expressive role in Portuguese and European football. The FC Porto forward scored 21 goals and became a key element of the team after his first year of adaptation, even falling to Team B in five games.

“It’s been a difficult year for me. I wanted to come and play like all the players. But it was a year of adaptation, I had to adapt to Portuguese football. For me, it was completely different compared to Brazil. I liked going down to FC Porto B because I didn’t have many minutes in team A and I came to help, to gain minutes, to gain the rhythm of the game and it was also important to help the team. second division. I’m glad I helped. We won when I went down, I was able to score goals. Although I had few opportunities in the main team, I was able to help. It was another year of adaptation. You can see that I have improved a lot this season. I’m happy to have helped FC Porto when I was the second best striker this season, ”he told Lance.

In 2021/22, Evanilson thinks he’s making a “leap” in his progress, but he still thinks he can do more.

“I am at a good level in my career, but not at a high level. I have a lot to develop. But it works for that. If a big club comes … I will try to do my best in Porto. I will work hard to be fully prepared, “he said.

Sergio Conceicao also contributed to the success of the Brazilian striker. “Our relationship is very good. He is a very demanding technician, he knows how to allocate time to work and play. It’s hard to play with someone in training. The whole group likes him, himself and all the employees. It helps the player to develop on a daily basis.

With the attacking partner, Mehdi Taremi, the concept boils down to four lines. “He doesn’t advise me because he doesn’t know Portuguese and I don’t know English [risos]. We understand each other better on the field. In training, we look for this integration, and it worked during the games, but we teach each other on the field using signals and cues. knows some things [de português]but very little, like me in English. ”

Even while playing for Fluminense, Evanilson scored against Jorge Jesus’ Flamengo. In Portugal, the striker scored two goals in the 1/8 final of the Cup, which dictated the departure of the coach in December, in the victory over “Benfica”. However, the 22-year-old striker does not describe himself as Jesus’ “executioner.”

“We even joked about it because I scored for Flamengo. I am very happy to be able to score in front of his teams. I do not feel responsible for his dismissal, I do not think it has anything to do with it. “I don’t know what happened at Benfica, there was confusion,” he said.

Evanilson also admitted that he loves English football “very much” and wants to be called up to the Brazilian national team.

“My dream is to be called to the national team. I worked hard to have an opportunity this year. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I will continue. If they call me, I will be very happy, I will do my best to help. I think it is too late for this World Cup, but I will try to move to the next competition.

Evanilson played 70 games for FC Porto’s first team. The striker scored 25 goals and made 5 productive passes.


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