Importance of lack of time for non-fungible tokens – Money Times

Importance of lack of time for non-fungible tokens – Money Times

Importance of lack of time for non-fungible tokens – Money Times
In an article for Mesari, analyst Mason Nistrom draws a parallel between his favorite role-playing game and the lessons that current blockchain NFTs can learn (Image: Fripik)

When I When I was younger, I spent a few weeks of my life playing Runescape. Weeks!

This sounds unusual, but many people involved in the crypto market have played Runescape, World of Warcraft or other widely used online interactive role playing games (MMORPG).

One of the most common metaphors from Runescape is the infamous blue party hat Non-Functional Token (NFT) A presentation on the real and worthless items of Runscape.

However, we will not talk about Christmas gifts, but about another aspect of the game that we believe crypto should learn.

Runescape was a great game for a variety of reasons. The gameplay (“gameplay”) was fun, because it appealed to all kinds of gamers. It was something social within the group (clan) and some work needed to be done by several people. Most importantly, any task takes hours.

In Runescape, if you reach a level 99 (maximum) of skill (farming, cooking, mining), you will get a cape with the skill symbol.

At 99 levels of skill, characters acquire skin with acquired skill symbols (Photo: Runscape)

There were two reasons that this skill capes made a huge draw. First, they weren’t transferable, so you can’t buy “success.”

Second, there was no supply cap on the number of skill caps – if you reached the 99 level of skill, you could buy one.

It is important to note that these capes were not commercial in the runescape, which increased their social value because the cape could not be manipulated.

Hours spent on each “slayer” skill level (Figure: OSRS)

Slayer, Runescape’s most time-consuming skill হত্যা killing special monsters প্রয়োজন requires a minimum of 300 hours of gameplay. This would be equivalent to 12.5 days of uninterrupted play or 37.5 business days (8 hours a day).

Even prayer, the minimum time consuming skill, requires about 8.5 hours of playing time to reach the maximum level. When a runescape player gets a cape, it means it takes days or weeks to reach level 99.

Thus skills capes are examples of shortages based on time and work.

Lack of virtual kittens and digital

Rare NFT over time

Time is universal and naturally limited, making it the most equitable resource — everyone has the same 24 hours. NFTs can learn from the runescape how to integrate time-intensive, labor-intensive tasks into their way of earning.

To date, most NFT acquisitions require capital, creating an NFT culture around money rather than qualifications.

NFTs associated with work culture create a community based on shared experience. Rare NFTs do not require much work over time.

Of NFTs Japper In order to gain experience points to reach a certain level, they need to check their application every day, where NFT will be provided.

The magic of software allows all kinds of experiments to exist:

N Rewarded NFTs / badges after completing various general functions of a decentralized autonomous body (DAO), such as voting;

Non-negotiable NFTs are awarded based on skill and effort, such as NFTs with which the amount of NFT from the verified contract exceeds X The open sea);

Non-negotiable NFT that must be created after the acquisition of non-negotiable subparts (which also take the form of NFT);

Non-trading NFTs that give access to other NFTs that are transferable.

The design industry is largely open to new types of NFTs and DAOs, as communities that adopt isolated NFTs over time may become much stronger communities that will not only be financially based in the future.

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