Instagram joins NFT – Journal Pecano

Instagram joins NFT – Journal Pecano

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Instagram announced this month that it has begun testing the network so users can use NFTs seamlessly across platforms. Features include the possibility to display NFTs in your profile And prove your ownership As well as sharing NFT with other profiles.

The creators of the network have assured that there will be no charge for users who conduct these transactions. The company’s CEO Meta (owner of Instagram and Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg, has also announced that a similar function will be tested on Facebook soon.

What is NFT and different investment markets

You’ve probably heard of NFTs, but you probably don’t understand how they work. NFT is a non-fungible token verified by blockchain – the same technology as cryptocurrency.

In economics, “non-fungible” means the uniqueness and exchangeability of a good thing. A 10 reais bill, for example, is a fungus good, because if we exchange it for another one, we will continue with the same 10 reais value. NFTs, in turn, are unique, non-replaceable products. This explains why NFT is so attractive in the investment market.

Online investment brokers provide platforms that enable and facilitate financial asset transactions, such as NFTs. One of the most popular platforms on the market is MetaTrader 4, better known as MT 4. You can find it here Download MetaTrader 4 for free On the Avatrade website, a brokerage firm that already provides the resources you want to invest This way investors choose the NFTs they will buy and trade them with other investors in the futures market.

Source: Unsplash

Types of NFT

If we look at the huge digital universe, we can say that anything can turn into NFT. Even A tweet can be sold, And its worth millionaires. Art, music, games, collectibles Virtually anything that can be played digitally can become NFT.

Art is the oldest and most well-known form of this resource. It was a way that many artists found available to sell Your work is online, As if they were physical. Today, the most expensive NFTs in the world are industrial works One of the most expensive NFTs out there every day: the first 5000 days of artist Mike Winkelman, known as Bipal.

Beeple’s work is just an NFT, The most valuable in the world. This is a series of merged NFT. The token has 28,983 owners and a total value of 91.8 million. The creator of the merge has become a living artist with the most valuable work in Pak history.

The NFT’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent months, with the inclusion of them even in online games. It is possible to buy game items like NFT. These items are in the game: they are characters, skins, character houses, weapons and ammunition that players use, and so on.

The evolution of NFT should not be stopped anytime soon. Meta Company is also working on creating three-dimensional NFT, With technology Augmented Reality (AR). It should be integrated into Instagram in the future, as the Spark AR software will be the first to support Instagram stories.


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