Interbrand launches “2022 Breakthrough Brands” report showcasing 30 emerging brands that will disrupt the US market

Interbrand launches “2022 Breakthrough Brands” report showcasing 30 emerging brands that will disrupt the US market

The brands included in this year’s report cover a wide range of fast-growing industries, including celebrity-led cannabis brands (houseplants and monograms), women’s health (Tia and Kindbody), blockchain (mythical games, board app yacht clubs and moonshine). Climate technology (watershed, arcadia and pachama). More than 50% of the breakthrough brands by 2022 are founders or C-suit members who are women or people of color.

Three emerging issues from this year’s Breakthrough Brands Report are:

  • The next generation of the Internet: As the Web 3 age approaches, blockchain-based companies are moving in new directions, such as NFTs and decentralized autonomous organizations. Brands like Polygon, Chainalysis and MoonPay are creating on-ramps for more users on Web3.
  • Carbon measure fuel accountability: Conversations surrounding climate change are becoming more focused on measurable measures for decarbonization and will reach net-zero by 2050. Brands including Watershed, Planet Labs, and Docnomi are developing software-based tools to help companies do their carbon accounting.
  • Restructuring the healthcare industry: Boutique Health brands such as Folx Health, Thirty Madison, and Kindbody are redesigning for a diverse population experience that offers less service while driving accessibility and cost reduction.

Daniel BeansThe CEO, Interbrand New York, says: “After many years of uncertainty by business, we see real hope in many emerging brands emerging in various sectors. We expect these brands to continue their impressive growth and become a major disruptor in the US market.”

Nairi Zargarian, strategy director at Interbrand New York, said: “It’s all about system change – whether it’s decentralizing the Internet, demistifying healthcare or decarbonizing the planet, these brands are laying the groundwork for decades to come.”

Interbrand has increased the number of its “human truth” metrics this year to include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), accessibility, and sustainability. To conduct its analysis, Interbrand has partnered with Infazi Atlas, Vox Media and Circus.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Interbrand Breakthrough Brand 2022:

100 thieves – Sports hype brand

Arcadia – API-based power measurement

Axis Infinity – Earn gaming from the game

Boom supersonic – Bring back the supersonic flight

Bored App Yacht Club – Blockbuster NFT community

Channelisis – Blockchain consent

Brave food – Plant based chicken

Doconomy – Financially stimulated decarbonization

Just eat – Highly trusted vegetarian eggs

Figment – Blockchain infrastructure and services

Fox Health – Healthcare for LGBTQIA +

House plant – Medieval cannabis lifestyle products

Junshine – Tough kambucha

Merciful – End-to-end fertility care

Masterworks – Industrial investment platform

Monogram – J-Z’s cannabis brand

Moonpe – Payment infrastructure for crypto

Mythical games – Blockchain-based gaming studio

Moisture health – Streamline healthcare activities

The open sea – NFT Marketplace

Pachama – Forest-centered carbon accounting

Park – Social impact sports brand

Planet Labs – Satellite imaging to track climate change

Polygon – Etherium scaling infrastructure

Thirty Madison – Brand House focuses on sustainability

Tia – Holistic and digital-first women’s healthcare

Very good to go – Creating a circular food economy

Reservoir – Holistic carbon measurement for business

What not – Livestream auction

Youthforia – TikTok Clean Beauty allowed

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