Interested in getting new apps?We have 6 free proposals for you to try – Apps

Interested in getting new apps?We have 6 free proposals for you to try – Apps

Games and utilities dominate this week’s new apps, between Angry Birds and Radish Dad trying to save his kids and one-click video editing tools to save sites for later viewing or movies , book recommendations and podcasts.

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TEASER is an app that promises to create videos with just one touch.not even

Forget the old days when you had to spend hours manually editing short videos. Commitment comes from the creator of the TEASER app.

TEASER is presented as an application, Automatically make movies from your photos and video with just one touch.

According to its creators, just manually select your favorite moments from the image gallery, then The app will combine them to make a movie. Another option is to select photos and videos every 24 hours using the movies that the app itself can automatically generate.

If desired, you can set the video size, configure editing styles, add background music or overlay text.

Trailer: Auto Movie Reel Maker is free with no ads or watermarks. It is currently only available for iOS devices in the App Store.

Do you tend to forget to save websites for later use?Savvy Hope Helps Keep Everything Organized

Savvy is an app designed for “techies” that lets you save all the online content you find interesting by category and keep it always just a click away.

Do you know more about the tech world and have tons of websites, articles, videos and social media posts piling up in your favorites? Savvy made just for you Want to help you keep everything organizedpreventing your favorite learning resources from being obsolete.

Whether it’s programming, data science or UX design: in this app designed for “technical people” you can Save everything you think is interesting by category, save with one click.

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To make sure you don’t forget what you’ve saved, App allows you to schedule specific reminders And there is a section dedicated to those who want to track their progress.If you are looking for more resources that can help you Savvy also offers suggestions based on your interests.

Savvy is free and works with both androidfrom the Play Store, e.g. iOS, via the App Store.except for its mobile version Google Chrome also has an extensioncompatible with Edge, and you can download it from the Chrome Web Store.

Birds vs. Pigs: Angry Birds Evolution is a multiplayer team action game

The Angry Birds spin puts players in the arena of PvP battles, encouraging the collection of more powerful characters.

Angry Birds is a phenomenon in smartphone video games that has grown in numerous sequels, crossovers with other universes, and has even made its way to movie theaters.but Rovio continues to study the universe in games that deviate from its original concept, using slingshots to throw birds to destroy pig buildings.

‘Angry Birds Evolution’ studio invites fans in Arena battles are decided by teams to “high”.With an RPG twist, this game offers over 100 new Angry Birds to collect, it is possible to evolve them to become more powerful. Players will have to hatch eggs to find new birds or add the familiar Red, Bomba, Chuck, Matilda, and more.

See the game’s gallery images:

In addition to friendly matches, you can also take part in the Porcobol Championships, considered the favorite sport of Ilha dos Pá Throughout the race, you will have the opportunity to find rare birds and participate in weekly events. You can join friends and family to form a clan and achieve collective goals.

You can download Angry Birds Evolution for Android and iOS smartphones for free.

Friendspire is a free app for all movie and TV fans.There are also books and podcasts

From the Friendspire app, you can discover new series, movies, books and podcasts based on recommendations and reviews from other users.

Through an easy-to-use interface, Friendspire gives you access to Third-party recommendations for movies, series, books, podcasts, and more. To start using the app, you first need to create an account and share some information that will be used to make recommendations, such as choosing your past favorite movies, favorite genres, and recommending any friends who use the service.

Once the process is complete, Friendspire will start Show recommendations based on demonstrated interests, but also depends on several different metrics. For example, the app will first display recommended movies based on the user’s selection, and then based on generally popular trends.

associated with — seriesthe app displays available streaming services and provides information about upcoming seasons, if any.

this is possible Follow popular posts and add friends and see what they’re watching. You can also browse applications and search in various predefined categories.

Friendspire is free and available for iOS and Android.

Dadish’s adventure returns in a new chapter full of action and challenges

In Dadish 3, you will have to help Father Turnip to save his children. This time, your radishes end up on a learning journey, suspicious to say the least, and you need to stop them from turning into soup.

Published in 2020, Dadish is a platform game with a “retro” feel about the adventures of a carrot father trying to save his child.A sequel to the title created by an indie developer Thomas K. Young In 2021 and this week, The series gets a new chapter with 50 new action-packed levels to experience.

As in previous chapters, in Dadish 3 You will have to help the protagonist save his childrenThis time, the radishes end up on a learning visit, at least, suspiciously, and it’s up to you to keep them from turning into soup.

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In each level of the game, you will have the opportunity to guide Daddy Radish through Various challenging scenariosfrom sewers to deserts, There are multiple fast food-inspired enemies roaming around, and five bosses to defeat.

Incidentally will also find some unexpected alliesLike the dolphin and his protagonist’s ex-wife, nothing more than a tomato, with a few secrets to discover and stars to collect.

watch video

Dadish 3 is available for Android via the Play Store and iOS via the App Store. While it’s free to download and play, there are additional paid items for this title, starting at €3.69. In addition to the mobile version, Dadish 3 is also available on PC, Steam, Nintendo Switch; game consoles; and Xbox.

Master the map and build a civilization from your smartphone in the Battle of Dotopia

Recalling the classic Civilization, this proposal has a simpler, more casual gameplay, but is equally strategic and tactical.

Battle of Dotopia is an interesting smartphone proposal for those who love personnel management games and territorial conquest. The game is similar to classics like Civilization or Age of Empires, but bets on more accessible and casual gameplay.But the goal remains: to help the tribe prosperusing its elements to contribute to the development of the city.

Of course, the Horde is not alone in this world, and other hostile forces want territory It is necessary to defend the city from invaders, or, of course, continue to attack and conquer the territory. Therefore, the game has elements of exploration as well as technical investigations.

See the game’s gallery images:

The game has both solo and offline aspects, but can also be played online against other human opponents. The whole strategy takes turns, allowing for investment in agricultural expansion, exploration, construction, warfare itself, and of course researching new technologies to help people evolve. Diplomacy, an alternative to war, must also be explored, in which case it can close a peace treaty allowing embassies to be established among other peoples.. There are many possibilities for this title.

You can download The Battle of Polytopia for free for iOS and Android smartphones.

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