IntraTrust launches two features for data operations and initiatives aimed at securing IoT devices

IntraTrust launches two features for data operations and initiatives aimed at securing IoT devices

Intrastrust has introduced two key feature enhancements to its multi-party data interoperability platform, Intrast Trust Platform, which builds trust and protects IoT devices by bridging the single pane of enterprise data operations and glass functionality.

The Intrust Trust platform now includes two business-critical features for the IoT and Web3.0 (Web3) environments:

  • Explicit Private Networking (XPN) – Intrast Trust platform XPN technology provides end-to-end security for cloud and back-to-back transit data from the device as well. With InterTrust XPN, data is always protected and processed in a tamper-resistant, secure working environment.
  • Token Rights Management (TRM) – InterTraft Platform TRM is a revolutionary distributed administration technology that provides support for distributed authentication and approval systems. InterTrust TRM supports traditional data and DRM applications, NFT applications and value-based digital twins for hardware device protection.

InterTrust XPN seals the gaps that hackers often visit: when data is at rest; Unprotected on device or in cloud; Incomplete network security falls into breach; Competitive cloud, data warehousing and database systems; And exploitable inconsistencies in key management systems from different vendors. Therefore, the risk of hacking decreases, while data usage increases and business models run data securely.

“The Intrast Trust platform with XPN and TRM provides a comprehensive solution for initiatives aimed at securing complex data operations and IoT devices while converting to Web 3 and data-driven business models,” said Talal G. Shamun, CEO of Intrast Trust. “With the new XPN and TRM features, the Intrast Trust platform transforms diversified, existing IT infrastructure into a secure interoperable system that transforms” zero trust “networks into a” full trust “environment.

The InterTrust platform enables companies to operate competitive data operating systems and IoT devices in a consistent, secure, and controlled fashion. The platform integrates authentication / validation into the data access layer and overlays the existing data operations infrastructure. It gives businesses the freedom to choose the best variety of application solutions and run them safely As a result, AI, data analysis and other processing solutions act as secure apps on the platform.

“Organizations see the value of IoT applications but often do not hesitate to accept them due to security concerns,” said Bill Rosenblatt, President, Giantsteps Media Technology Strategies. “The combination of Intrast Trust XPN’s unique end-to-end trust capabilities as an innovator in trusted distributed computing and a reliable operator of trusted systems will give companies the confidence to fully realize IoT’s commitment.”

The interstrust platform is engaged in testing industry-specific applications such as power, mobility, and media and the entertainment and healthcare markets. The company provides toolkits for vertical applications designed for renewable energy, grid planning, home automation, and digital rights management.

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