Introducing iSpeed, along with the final move-to-earn project

Introducing iSpeed, along with the final move-to-earn project

Hong Kong, June 16, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – A Glimpse of Fitness-Fi.

If 2021 is the spike of game-fi or known as the play-to-earn ecosystem, then 2022 is the breakout of fitness-fi, we call them move-to-earn. An ecosystem where tracked apps generate cryptocurrencies just like any other GPS app or device used for healthcare activities. In 2019, 19% of the total population of Americans use wearable fitness trackers and mobile health apps, and it has 63 million users. This statistic is for the US population only, but iSpeed ​​is intended to go viral worldwide.

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The key to keeping iSpeed ​​stable is to reduce the need for access to non-crypto trainers. These users are real runners for health, not crypto. Therefore, regardless of the token value, the total users of iSpeed ​​will not decrease much.

iSpeed ​​is the main process

iSpeed ​​is a fitness-fi project using the game-fi Trilema that focuses on the following essentials for an eye-catching project:

– A great graphic and design and crypto friendly / curious to attract a large target population

– A smooth move-to-earn mechanism that maintains app and project continuity.

– Easy access and understandable for non-crypto players.

– The original design of the game must be built around a smooth game-asset-transfer capability.

iSpeed ​​is not only a move-to-earn project, it also satisfies current trending mechanisms like: NFT, Farming, Web3.0. iSpeed ​​assures our users that they will be profitable based on training fitness and vice versa. Because fitness is the biggest profit you can make with iSpeed. The main task for all iSpeeders is to collect NFT.

iSpeed ​​will offer:

1. NFT bicycles for cyclists

2. NFT sneakers for runners

3. NFT shoes for walking

Here are some key pointers in moving forward with your DYOR

1. iSpeed ​​is Safu (a secure resource fund for users). We will lock in liquidity and relinquish ownership of Liquidity Pool (LP) for 2 years. Dev will provide LP from our personal funds to create liquidity for the initial users. This will provide the most secure security for new users at a time when people in black hoods are all over the decentralized world.

2. iSpeed ​​will be fair and turn on stealth. There will be no whitelist, private cell or presale. This is the most beautiful launch for everyone. The liquidity will be financed by Dev’s own money, so that people can cultivate freely, do business without worrying about ragpool in the first phase of the project, as technically devs have no access to buyer’s funds. The official launch time will be announced 1 hour before on our community server. By doing this, iSpeed ​​believes that we can best prevent the purchase of whales and bots, which could turn into dumps in the future. We also have anti-whale systems during our launch.

3. The best way to be profitable: In iSpeed ​​development, there will be 2 main stages:

Phase 1a – Farming: Waiting for the Move-to-Earn app to finish. iSpeeders will use their purchased NFT for “NFT farming”. This process is the way to get iSpeed ​​tokens. Please note that the Governance Token can only be obtained by cultivating your NFT or by purchasing directly through Pancakeswap.

Phase 1b – Marketplace: A marketplace will be published in Phase 1 for people to trade their NFT.

There will be different types of NFT with different rarities. APR% for agricultural tokens will depend on the rarity of NFT. More details will be announced later or available in our white paper.

Phase 2a – Move-to-Earn: Once the app is complete, investors can start earning. Ways to make money with this app:

Mining Rate: A fixed rate for determining how many tokens are earned per 1 power

Average speed in the range of an energy cycle within the permissible limits of NFT (shoes, sneakers and bicycles) will be considered valid, otherwise energy will be lost and no reward token will be received during that cycle.

Please note: NFT will be managed and limited by the number of users participating in the move-to-earn activity from the application. This will avoid NFT and token inflation. It will also help maintain the quality of NFT.

Phase 2b – NFT Rental. The iSpeed ​​NFT rental program will be launched shortly after the launch of the app. This program allows users to rent or lease NFT. Tenants will pay a fee to the NFT owner after completing their move-to-earn activities.

Social-Fi will also be published in Phase 2b. This is a competition between users who share an image related to the Move-to-Earn app. The best one will be rewarded after each cycle.

After multiple and in-depth research on iSpeed. We believe this is one of the few projects with high potential and low risk. A great opportunity to train your health and at the same time earn financially.

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