Investment in IR must be declared

Investment in IR must be declared

By the end of May, all taxpayers will have to file an income tax return Site Of the IRS. It is expected that 34.1 million statements will be sent by the deadline. In addition to all the accidents that can make life difficult for taxpayers – and even lead them into the net – there is always the question: how to declare an investment?

To get started, you must declare who will enter the mandatory rule, i.e., taxable income above R $ 28,559.70 in 2021 or non-taxable amount above R $ 40,000. All categories of personal income tax return 2022 (DIRPF) portfolio 2022).

Although part of the profits are tax-exempt in Brazil, the taxpayer must enter a 2022 income tax return, all investments in his portfolio in 2021. Most of the time, subject to tax in advance, Leo must also declare, “said Fandacao Getulio Vargas (FGV), a lawyer who specializes in financial law for Theo Lamonier.

This is especially important if, in 2021, the announcer decides to diversify its investment. “If you are investing your money in stocks, cryptocurrencies and overseas investments, it is important to be aware of the rules for declaring income tax,” warned Lamaunier, a director at Byebnk Investimentos. “Variable earnings, such as stocks, real estate funds, savings account balances, overseas investments and the value of cryptocurrencies, must be described in specific areas of the declaration,” he added.

Not to be surprised, it is good to have at hand, organized throughout the year, some documents that make the task easier: brokerage notes for each operation, provided by your broker; Your broker’s income report and monthly profit or loss account are complete and separated by the type of operation. Also, it is important for Darfs to be paid and reported in the statement.

“It seems confusing, but it’s only at first,” he assured the expert. According to Lamounier, there are already ways to make investors’ lives easier. “For example, a great innovation of the byebnk platform is the announcement of investments as NFT, which ensures less obligation and less tax burden,” he noted.

The platform converts the client’s investment portfolio into NFT, a Token For those who are not baptized, Token A digital ledger (or its transaction unit), which records financial transactions in an integrated and unalterable way. It can be used as a medium of exchange, unit of account or store of value. In the case of NFT, the records have unique properties and cannot be replaced by equivalents.

Digital currency

Tax obligations are equivalent to obligations for cryptocurrency, which means lower tax burden and ease of declaration. The main tax regulations concerning digital currencies established by the Federal Revenue Service’s Normative Instruction 1888 from 2019.

When investing in cryptocurrencies, unlike investing in assets abroad, you do not have to comply with some of the accompanying tax obligations of federal revenue declarations and information. In addition, the exchange does not have to pay tax on changes.

Lamounier reminds us that cryptocurrencies, such as stocks, are only investment vehicles. They can represent the ownership of a company, a currency, a right or a debt.

“To help with the announcement, the client finds the report session in the platform app. Among them income tax assistant. Through it, users will understand how to declare their investment, since it is based on the federal revenue system. Just follow the step by step. This report can also be sent by Email“, Explains Lamounier.

Each asset has its own specific claim rules. Although not all assets are taxable, all gains and losses must be reported on the return to avoid problems.

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