iOS 16 code includes multiple Always On Display and iPhone 14 Pro references

iOS 16 code includes multiple Always On Display and iPhone 14 Pro references

Apple showed off a slew of news from its various operating systems at its WWDC 2022 event yesterday. It clearly highlights some of the most important ones, but doesn’t even mention many of the new ones. So OS code can reveal a lot that hasn’t been released yet.One of these clues was found in iOS 16 mentioning the feature Always onbut it only ships with the iPhone 14 Pro.

More simply, Apple may retain the ability to keep information always visible on the iPhone screen, but only on the Pro models that will arrive in September.

Illustration of the possibly always-on iOS 16

iOS 16 brings a lot of news...some we don't know yet

For those of you who watched yesterday's WWDC 2022 event, you've certainly noticed a difference in the way Apple is showing off the new iOS. As a rule, the company does a rundown and then highlights some news. This time around, with the introduction of the new lock screen (lock screen), it went lukewarm and started sliding past several other features.

As we've seen, new widgets, Focus Mode, Photos, Messages, Mail, Safari and Access Keys, Smart, Dictation, Maps, Apple Pay and Wallet, Home, Health and Fitness, Share with Family, CarPlay, News on security and privacy, accessibility, weather, spotlight, Game Center, toggles on FaceTime, reminders, notes and more news. But where is the always-on display?

Rumors are widely known and many news are now official

Several Apple market analysts have been posting clues about what Apple might end up with for nearly a year. However, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman was the first to report on the always-on display being part of iOS 16, though that news has been dragged to the iPhone 13.

Gurman also noted that iOS 16 will have built-in support for always-on displays in preparation for a feature that could be released this fall on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Now that the first development beta is available, multiple references have been found confirming that iOS 16 does include support for always-on previews. In iOS 16, three new structures have been added related to managing iPhone display backlighting. Backlight management is a key aspect of enabling the always-on feature.

Each of these structures contains a reference to the always-on display feature. In theory, one could speculate that these always-on features were added in reference to the always-on viewing feature that exists on the Apple Watch, but that's not the case here.

All of the frameworks discovered by the publication 9to5Mac are used by different components of iOS, including the lock screen.

Also, most notably, there are multiple references to the always-on view in Springboard - this is what manages the iPhone's lock screen (and home screen). Apple Watch doesn't use a springboard.

More hidden messages about the iPhone 14 in iOS

Finally, there is some information hidden in iOS 16 that Apple engineers can use to enable the feature always online, even on unsupported devices. That means Apple engineers can test the always-on display feature on the iPhone 13 Pro before releasing the feature with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max later this year.

So while this novelty might be for the iPhone 14 Pro, that doesn't mean the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max won't get an always-on display in future betas either.

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