iOS 16 will back up over 4G; check out more news from the second beta!

iOS 16 will back up over 4G; check out more news from the second beta!

Not long ago, Apple released the second beta version of its upcoming operating system: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura 13, watch operating system 9 and TV Operating System 16And, as usual, users around the world have started to identify news that wasn’t present in the original beta version of the system.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the new features in the second beta of iOS 16.

Improved Shazam integration

Curiously, the first novelty isn’t something exclusive to iOS 16, and can also be seen in the latest beta of iOS 15.6. This is an integration with Shazam that has been in the system natively since 2020.

as the picture shows Mike Rumors, from now on, songs identified through the function shortcuts in Control Center are finally synced with the Shazam app and can be viewed again at other times. Until then, only songs recognized by the app itself will be included in the history.

new translation language

Meanwhile, the translation app is now able to recognize and translate five additional languages, increasing the list from 11 to 16 languages. Added languages ​​include: Dutch, Indonesian, Polish, Thai, and Turkish.

Apple announced the languages ​​during its opening keynote at WWDC22, along with new messaging options and automatic unit conversions for apps.

In addition to these languages, it is worth remembering that the translation supports the following languages: English, Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.

iCloud backup over 4G

After years of waiting, with the release of the second iOS 16 beta, Apple has finally added the option to back up iPhones to iCloud using a 4G/LTE mobile data connection. Until now, this process could only be performed over a 5G or Wi-Fi network.

It’s worth remembering that since iOS 15, Apple has allowed users to back up their iPhones using 5G — provided there’s no Wi-Fi network available. As you can see in the tweet above, to access this option, just activate a button in the Backup menu in Settings.

according to 9to5Macthis option is also available in the second beta of iPadOS 16.

SMS filter improvements

Messages app earns no less than 12 new subcategories for its API in second beta1 SMS filteringtwo. According to Apple, the change should improve the organization of the app and make it easier for developers to triage messages sent by unknown numbers.

iPhones that support dual SIM will be able to sort incoming messages based on each number. In turn, customers of select US carriers will be able to report abusive SMS/MMS messages directly from the app via the “Unknown Contacts” section.

Furthermore, according to 9to5Macapp users in India will be able to access event and appointment messages directly from Siri Suggestions as well as the Calendar app’s inbox.

Erase locked screen

We’ve explained it here mike magazine Here’s how iOS 16’s new lock screen will work, which also includes an introduction to customization tools for the feature. In the new beta, however, Apple continues to make tweaks to the fancy interface.

You can swipe up to remove the lock screen in beta 2, subjectively I would say the whole gallery view is smoother now

As you can see in the tweet above, custom lock screens can now be removed directly from the iOS 16 wallpaper selection menu. To do this, just swipe up when browsing options to reveal a new button with a trash can icon.

choice of wallpaper

Likewise, the wallpaper selection menu in iOS 16 Settings now shows new screen customization suggestions, as well as two new buttons below the thumbnails for easy editing.

Meanwhile, the Astronomical wallpaper collection now identifies the user’s location on Earth with a green indicator, such as iPhone in Canada. This detail can be viewed on the locked screen.

New Health App Data

In preparation for the new features in watchOS 9, the second iOS 16 beta also brings new mobile metrics to the Health app. Added data include “ground time”, “running power”, “vertical oscillation”, etc.

company logo in mail

Finally, the Mail app has also been updated to support by default Brand Metrics for Message Recognition (BIMI), which allows you to verify the authenticity of emails sent by brands and companies. You can now see a new message below the contact name stating whether the email is legitimate or not.

exist #iOS16One @apple Added schema support Brand Metrics for Message Recognition (BIMI) in the native mail application.

according to Mike Rumorsthis mode also prevents fraudulent emails from using the company logo to disguise themselves, as the image will only be displayed if the email domain is verified.

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