Is it worth investing in NFT?

Is it worth investing in NFT?

Bill Gates sarcastically states that NFTs are worth the investment: “Of course, digital images of monkey faces are going to greatly improve the world.”

What is an NFT?

NFT, in short, is a non-fungible token. Thus, cryptocurrencies are understood as fungal tokens.

A dollar bill is something fungus, since two fives have the same value in every way.

On the other hand, a house is non-flammable, because even if the two have the same size, shape, structure, architecture, etc. They do not have equal value in terms of currency.

Therefore, the important thing here is to understand how this technology can verify ownership of a certain non-fungible asset through a blockchain system.

This validity, therefore, guarantees the inclusion of a digital asset in a physical or corporate wallet.

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Contaminated marketing of NFT Arts

If you’re a Twitter user, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t seen at least one ad about NFTs, usually in the guise of a high-tech industry with bonuses and deprivation triggers scattered throughout the project.

In fact, the price is immeasurable, because what is valuable to me may not have the same value to you.

Therefore, in terms of marketing, bringing together as many interested parties as possible is a great strategy for the most diverse manufacturers of these projects.

Thus using a series of emotional trigger strategies to add value to a product that does not reflect the actual value in terms of utility to the buyer.

Superstition with NFT

Thus, widespread prejudice against brilliant technology is created. A technology that in many cases can serve as a certificate or digital bookkeeping.

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It is very easy to find people who cover all the technologies in a simple stupid “png”.

Just like at the beginning of the internet most of our projects were malicious and offer scams.

By creating this bias across different online communities, we have the same impact with NFT.Is it worth investing in NFT?

Bored App Yacht Club

Winning a single collection with a record value of $ 434,000 and a 216,900% valuation, the project takes the entire digital industry forward.

Great personality like Neymar Jr. There were constant names in the industry.

Read more about Bored App Collection here.

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Criticism of Bill Gates

It is for this collection that one of the richest men in the world has long criticized him.

However, he criticized the failure of the projects under the “obvious” side.

It’s easy to criticize a project in the fall. And I believe that at the age of 66, it is natural for him to be conservative, even when criticizing cryptocurrency:

“Cryptocurrencies are 100% based on the most stupid theory” – Bill Gates.

It is important to view cryptocurrencies as a free money system, such as governments, which are run in an organic way, with the effect of involuntary exchange without intermediaries, and on top of that, with an inflationary economy.

However, as a creator of Microsoft, I do not believe that this is a reasonable opinion from anyone with a strong knowledge of this liberal / technological subject.

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After all, is it worth investing in NFT?

It is worthwhile to invest in NFT which is understandable to you. Finally this technology can be offered by brands to guarantee your tickets to certain events, get royalties or get access to certain parties.

The idea is not to focus on capital gains by buying at a price and expecting it to grow overnight with some collections.

So, for a group of people to be a truly reliable technology with real value, then it is understood that you will get a part of our investment.

Always with the idea of ​​doing these with good capital management.

Is it worth investing in NFT?

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