Lewandowski again pointed to Bayern’s departure: “Something died inside me …”

Lewandowski again pointed to Bayern’s departure: “Something died inside me …”

The pole aims to avoid conflict and close a period of friendship and mutual understanding. The Bavarian president just wants to know how long his contract is

Robert Lewandowski (more) is determined to leave Bayern this summer. The Polish striker returned this Tuesday to express his desire to change the weather a week later, laconically saying “my club history is over”.

Lewandowski justified his move, angering those responsible for the Bavarian emblem, which has a contract until June 2023, and said he intended to regain his composure on the pitch and “give himself up completely.”

“I’m leaving because I want other feelings in my life. They don’t want to listen to me. Something has died inside me. I just want to leave Bayern. Loyalty and respect are more important than work. The best way is to find a solution for both sides,” Lewandowski told Poland’s Onet Sport. in an interview with the podcast.

The Polish international forward is confident that he will be able to escape the conflict and break the ties early through friendly mutual understanding. “If you’ve been at the club for so many years and you’re always ready and willing, despite the injuries and the pain, I think it’s better to find a good solution for both sides. And not to look for a one-sided decision.” , he said in the same interview Lewandowski.

However, the solution does not seem so simple. On June 5, Bayern president Herbert Heiner said he would not allow the striker to leave. “Lewandowski has a contract with Bayern until June 30, 2023. The contract is a contract! We, as a club, have to pay him until the last day, but if a player can terminate the contract ahead of time, where will we stop?” Hayner asked in a statement to the newspaper.

The Bavarian president, who is said to be “surprised” by Lewandowski’s public stance, said he was confident the “9” would stay in Bavaria, referring to Poland’s sense of recognition, given the club’s treatment and success.

“I think he knows very well what he has at Bayern, that is, a club that treats its players very well and does everything to make them perform in the best way. Praise is not a one-sided way. Who will continue with us? 2022/23, “Herbert Hainer added to Bild.

The future of the Polish national team, which is called to play in the next League of Nations, should be known after four matches of the selection, which is scheduled for this June. And there is only one certainty: the striker refuses to extend his contract with Bayern.

Barcelona is one of the most interested clubs, and German media reported that Lewandowski’s agent Pini Zahavi already has an oral agreement with the Catalan emblem, which means a three-season contract, although it depends on financial means. Since 2014, Lewandowski has won eight German leagues and one Champions League at Bayern.


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